Question about guitar with split coil humbuckers for the Edge covers.

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Jan 18, 2022
I would like to ask about advice if I am doing a good thing or should reconsider.

Currently I am using cheap ESP LTD MH 100QM NT STBC which includes two cheap LH-150 humbuckers.
Together with Boss Katana 50 I am able to create some quasi u2 sound. However as this guitar does not include single coil. I need to use single coil simulator as an Boss Katana effect.

Recently I started to think that I could replace this guitar with much better ESP LTD EC 1000 VB Duncan. That guitar use much better pick ups Seymour Duncan JB (B) / '59 (N).
Still humbucker but with split coils options.

Do you think this would be a good update? Will I miss much not having original Strat?
What do you think about Seymour Duncan JB (B) / '59 (N) with split coil functiion for playing u2 covers?

I would like to stick to humbucker guitar - I usually play 50% U2 - 50% other music. And for the sake of U2 I decided not to pick up EMP pickups, but passive with split coils.

Thank you in advance!
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