Ongoing Mass Shooting Thread #3... that's right, a third thread. Because 'Murica.

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I'm just curious, then, how long, exactly, do we have to keep waiting, then, for these reasonable laws that can pass a legislative body and can hold up in court to become a thing?

'Cause we've literally got them now. The Democrats have offered a lot of valid ideas to at least start trying to tackle this problem.

And guess what? One party still refuses to come on board with any of it. And it ain't the Democrats. Yet another attempt to try and pass bipartisan gun control laws falls apart because one party just can't seem to move even the slightest inch on supporting any sort of reform. We've been trying this method for the better part of a decade (even longer than that, really), with no major positive results. All that's happened is we continue to do nothing, and more mass shootings continue.

House sends gun violence bill to Biden as Buffalo and Uvalde shootings prompt end to decades of gridlock

The House sent President Joe Biden the most wide-ranging gun violence bill Congress has passed in decades on Friday, a measured compromise that at once illustrates progress on the long-intractable issue and the deep-seated partisan divide that persists.

The Democratic-led chamber approved the election-year legislation on a mostly party-line 234-193 vote, capping a spurt of action prompted by voters’ revulsion over last month’s mass shootings in New York and Texas. The night before, the Senate approved it by a bipartisan 65-33 margin, with 15 Republicans joining all Democrats in supporting a package that senators from both parties had crafted.

The bill would incrementally toughen requirements for young people to buy guns, deny firearms from more domestic abusers and help local authorities temporarily take weapons from people judged to be dangerous. Most of its $13 billion cost would go to bolster mental health programs and for schools, which have been targeted in Newtown, Connecticut, Parkland, Florida and many other infamous massacres.

And while it omits the far tougher restrictions Democrats have long championed, it stands as the most impactful gun violence measure that Congress has approved since it enacted a now-expired assault weapons ban nearly 30 years ago.
ABC News

Three people were shot at a WeatherTech warehouse in the Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook just before 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning, ABC Chicago station, WLS reported.

Police say the suspect fled and is still at large. There is no word on the victims' conditions or a motive for the shooting.

There was also a shooting at a Pride event in Oslo Norway, two people dead. I always imagine Norway to be a peaceful place. Can happen anywhere obviously, but the odds are far greater any day in the US.
And now, guns are people and women are service animals.

This. I was just going to say, that's nice that bill's being passed, truly, it is. I'm honestly amazed we got anything at all. But is it going to hold, or is the Supreme Court going to invalidate that legislation, too?

Just...pardon me if I'm not exactly trusting of the GOP's motives right now.
I don’t think the bill is enough but I don’t think there’s a reason to not trust their motives. They’re all about optics, so I don’t think they’d vote for something they didn’t want.
Everyone is.

This is where I disagree to an extent. I imagine most elected republicans hold a firmer belief in hands-off fundamentals, be it virtuous or selfishness. I would bet you theyre far more likely (as a population) to be the ideological “representative” who behind closed doors doesn’t give a rat’s ass about abortion or gay marriage since it doesn’t harm them (though I would say plenty probably feel personally not okay with things like progressive gender pronouns because it DOES impact them). Democrats are probably more likely to hold these social views that they platform.

Anything economic or governmentally functional, on either side, is likely to be all optics with no significant deviation by stratifying that population.
Mass shooting at a 4th of July parade in Highland Park Illinois. Shooter still at large. Reports of five people killed, 16 hospitalized.

Can't get more American than that :|
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I'm sure we can count on Ted Cruz to investigate whether the back door to the parade was unlocked.

If only they had armed everyone who was marching in the parade, when will we ever learn? Killer was reportedly on a rooftop, so Ted can investigate that.

Highland Park is well to do from what I have read, so there goes the African Americans shooting each other in Chicago whataboutism angle(they will do it anyway). And the parade killer was reportedly white.
We need better ladder control.

Insane that the shooter hasn’t been caught yet.
Looks like the type of guy you should sell an assault rifle to.

Mass shooting at a 4th of July parade in Highland Park Illinois. Shooter still at large. Reports of five people killed, 16 hospitalized.

Can't get more American than that :|

But remember, bans and restrictions are just too out there an idea. Not for women, of course, oh, no, they'll gladly slap all the bans and restrictions on them all they want.

But to do that in regards to people having access to weapons that allow them to take out multiple people in a public setting at once? Nah, that's just crazy talk. Sure, other countries have gun control and make it work, but that's just too haaaaaaaaaard for us to do here, because, um...reasons.
He's an Illinois state rep. Let's move on, nothing to see here. Celebrating "independence" and freedom after a mass shooting at a 4th of July parade doesn't make any sense to me, but that's just me.

Daily Beast

Following the mass shooting at a July 4 parade in Highland Park, Illinois, a Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate bluntly urged the community to “move on.” Standing next to supporters at a different parade, after taking a moment in prayer, state Sen. Darren Bailey, said: “Let’s move on and celebrate the independence of this nation.” He added, “We have got to get corruption and evil out of our government.” After being roasted on social media, Bailey told The Daily Beast through a spokesperson: “I apologize if in any way we diminished the pain being felt across our state today. I hope we can all come together in prayer and action to address rampant crime and mental heath issues to make sure these horrific tragedies don’t happen again.”
After being roasted on social media, Bailey told The Daily Beast through a spokesperson: “I apologize if in any way we diminished the pain being felt across our state today. I hope we can all come together in prayer and action to address rampant crime and mental heath issues to make sure these horrific tragedies don’t happen again.”

Prayer should certainly help stop these attacks.
Prayer and thoughts, thoughts and prayers.

I just saw a headline about a 76 year old grandfather who was killed yesterday, he was at the parade with his family. I can't read the article, just can't do it.

Kids were shot, I don't know if any kids were killed. Even the ones who weren't physically hurt, just imagine the trauma for them and for everyone there yesterday.

The people who say move on and what about Chicago can go to hell.
My aunt, who loves herself some Trump, has a theory on how to solve the problem:


Not the brown Jesus who would have totally been against guns (but wasn't against abortion), but White American Jesus.
ABC News

"Analysts say killer appears to have had an extensive online presence that was littered with signs of hatred, mental health issues and a gravitation toward hard-right and neo-fascist ideologies."

He also wore women's clothing and escaped by just blending into the crowd, accdg to ABC. Bought the gun legally, given his online activities and possible mental health issues that shouldn't have happened (that would be common sense gun reform).

He also lived with his uncle who reportedly had no involvement with him other than to say hello.

Recipe for disaster=young almost always white male, isolated with no relationships, online activities involving violence and thoughts of violence, easily indoctrinated and radicalized because of isolation and other factors, family troubles, sometimes mental illness, easy access to firearms legally or illegally.
I don't think these online rabbit holes are getting enough attention in the general public view.

These communities are some of the darkest places your mind can go. These people only care about destruction, both of themselves and as many innocent people as possible.

It's really not that much different than terrorist recruitment. These online communities/chats prey on this specific type of male, white, young, full of grievance and anger. Poisoning their brains and then they are unleashed to create chaos and fear

They don't really have a political affiliation, tho most do lean harder to the Right. Their main goal is death.


The main issue is still the guns. There was, is, and always will be crazies. Now in America they are armed to the teeth
I agree 100 percent that the main issue is the guns, never meant to suggest otherwise.

The easy availability of the guns enables and emboldens these killers to take out their frustrations and act out their sick fantasies via mass murder.
We have online communities plotting and planning to kill.

Other countries have similar groups.

Only one country lets these people access weapons of war easily
I actually wish some of these politicians would be more specific on the "thoughts" portion of "thoughts and prayers". Like what are they actually thinking about?
Yahoo news

The shooter who allegedly killed seven people at the Highland Park, Ill., Independence Day parade had two prior interactions with police but was not placed on the red flag list that would have prevented him from buying the guns used in the attack.

Chris Covelli, spokesperson for the Lake County Major Crime Task Force, said at a Tuesday afternoon press conference that 21-year-old Robert Crimo III had the police called on him twice in 2019. Crimo was arrested late Monday after fleeing police following a morning shooting that authorities say he had been planning for several weeks.

Covelli said that the first incident was in April 2019, when police were called a week after a reported suicided attempt and mental health professionals spoke to Crimo and his family. The second incident was in September 2019, when a family member reported that Crimo was threatening to “kill everyone.” Police responded and confiscated 16 knives, a dagger and a sword. Covelli said he was not sure if the weapons had ever been returned to Crimo but that the incident was reported to the Illinois State Police.

Over the course of approximately a year, encompassing parts of 2020 and 2021, Covelli said Crimo had legally purchased five firearms, including two rifles. Asked why he was able to make those purchases following the 2019 incidents, Covelli referred the inquiry to the state police, which handles the Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card system.

An Illinois State Police spokesperson told WGN News, a Chicago-area TV news outlet, that in the words of WGN reporter Ben Bradley, “since Crimo didn’t have a FOID card at the time of the September 2019 threat to ‘kill everyone’ there was no FOID card to revoke.” In Illinois, a FOID card is required to purchase a firearm.

“Spokesperson did not explain why he wasn’t flagged to prevent the future issuance of a FOID card,” Bradley added.
Bloody two year old found under his murdered father at a 4th of July parade. His mother murdered there too, he is now an orphan.

Good thing that pro life policies and laws are in place. Pro life, pro babies.
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