Newborn Nation -East Timor. Midnight Sunday

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Aug 1, 2000
I have just heard an interesting discussion on the radio. I do so hope all goes well for East Timor in the next little while. They are saying there is a sense of nervousness about what will happen next. In the past 60 years there has been great change and it is often accompanied by immense suffering, so they are nervous and.... poor.
The journalist finished his piece on a poignant note. He said something like " stars such as Paul McCartney and perhaps even Bono from U2, are set to appear at Sunday night's concert the world will be watching.......but perhaps never be so attentive again."
He did start the piece with a recording of East Timorese children practising their songs for the concert which was beautiful and encouraging. There is always hope, but they will need help.

PS I don't usually post here, but felt this didn't belong in LS.But the journalist did actually just mention Bono (that publicity guy won't give up... it would be great if he did appear) So maybe this could have gone in EYKIW, my other haunt. ahh well.Whatever.I thought it needed saying again.

Good Luck to East Timor and her people.
You were 100% correct to post this here. This is a good thing,and I wish the East Timorese the best in their new independence.

I am so happy for the East Timorese, for them to finally be recognised as an independant nation, they truly deserve it, and I am thankful too that the Australian government had a part to play in the building blocks of this nation- the peace keepers in Timor was probably the only admirable thing that Howard has managed to do, but then again past governments have added to the bloodshed, most namely the Dilli masacre....anyway I wish al the best for East Timor and it is events such as this that makes me still have faith in the peoples and decision makers in the world
I am so happy for the newest country in the world. They can only go up from here, after over 400 years of foreign rule. Lets hope that money from oil will flow in soon. I've been a member of an East Timor Support group for a number of years, raising money etc and quite a few from our group have spent time there. This country has virtually nothing, but when you see such joy and jubilation on the faces of the people you get the feeling they are going to make it - but not without continuing support, for some time to come.

I am afraid for the economic weakness of Timor. The only emploiment was coming from the UN and they left and took everything with them ( even tables and chairs ). I hope the UN will support them more.

Read you, Rono.

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Hi Rono, I wonder if you will come back to this thread? I have been wanting to contact you via one of your threads but haven't found one. I lost all of my email file recently, so I no longer have your address. All I really wanted to say I suppose is, ENJOY!! the Big Country concert, a special one for the fans.
And I did want to ask you something about New Model Army, but it's not important.

Anyway WHEN U2 bring out some more Aussie have my addy, it's changed , but the old one will still reach me.
The main thing is, have a ball with your friends at the concert.
Everything about New Model Army is important

I am very busy with my voluntary work at the union a am and the politic party i am a menber of. And the concert, i will meet almost everyone i saw at the big country concerts, germans, scots, norway. Hmmm, i stop here....

I will send you a e-mail,...

Read you, Rono.
This is good news and I wish the people of East Timore the best.. there has been too much suffering.

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