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The Fly
Apr 7, 2005
Hello, I am looking to part with these cds. All are silver pressings. The “First Night…” set is the slim jewel case version which is more of a rarity than the thick 2 cd jewel case version. I did have professional reprints made of the inserts for that title. The originals were a mess when I received it. I still have and will include the originals just incase there’s any interest in them. But the reprints look amazing and it’s very difficult to tell that they are reprints. Zoomerang is the super rare Octopus pressing. This one has passed through some hands before I received it. Unfortunately, there are some chips on the paint of the cds. Somebody wrote on the discs with a black marker “1 & 2”. Looks like someone attempted to remove the ink and, in doing so, removed some of the factory print from the discs. They play just fine but aesthetically aren’t perfect. Zoo Europa is the full-face cd print variant. There is a slight imperfection on one of the spines of the back insert where it caught on the edge of the jewel case. Hallelujah My Girl is the cardboard digi-pak version. The cardboard case is in very good condition, considering it’s age. Everything else is in fine shape. I’d prefer to sell these as a lot and will give a lot discount if someone wants them all. Please PM me if you’re interested. IMG_7191.JPGIMG_7192.JPG
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