my chin officially hurts

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tiny dancer said:
I know what you are going through. My face hurted all over for I had my upper gums done. Yeah the mouthpiece really sucks. Did they gave you some painkillers, and are you able to eat anything?
yeah i'm on mepergan. i'm allergic to codeine and darvocet does a number on my stomach so i find it's the best thing out there that won't make me feel all nauseous.

the pain seems to have subsided today but now i can't get my mouthpiece off. i've been trying all evening to get it off but i can't get it loose on the side where they took the graft.

i can kinda eat, i've got to cut everything up into bite-sized pieces, because as i found out i can't bite into anything. i almost had to be peeled off the ceiling when i tried. :yikes: i kinda have to cram the food into the sides of my mouth and chew with my mouth half open so i don't touch the roof of my mouth. so naturally i've been covering my mouth while eating. :laugh:

damn i was gonna post a funny pic of my own but i don't seem to have copied over all of my pics from my pc to my mac. keep em coming, peeps! :drool:

does anyone have the hammer gif? ooh wait a sec, i think...uh oh!

ahh, there he is. oh, and since i had to look at my snapfish folders for it, here's a random picture.
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