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Artane Girl

Sep 27, 2023
Hello all,

Greetings from very rainy Dublin. Born and Bred in the Artane area of the Northside of Dublin. U2 Fan as long as I can remember . First Gig was Croke Park 1987 at 15 years old.

Been hooked ever since. Heartbroken I wont make the Las Vegas Gigs due to work commitments, so I'll be posting up my tickets for another genuine fan to enjoy in my place.

Had the privilege of working with the lads and David Letterman in his recent Documentary shot here in Dublin ( Dec 22/ Jan 23) - A sort of homecoming on Disney Plus. Apart from bringing my Son to his 1st U2 Gig in Dublin, seeing my name on the Credits along side the lads was a massive moment for me -

The Love never grows old

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