Lovetown In Toronto!!!

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The Fly
Jun 17, 2002
Friday Nov 11th, 2006
music starts at 10.00p.m.
doors open at 8.30
tickets: $10.00 at the door
178 Bathurst St (just off Queen)
Hi Toronto/Ontario U2 fans...

We hope you'll join us as ELEVATION & Healey's presents another very special performance from The CLASSIC LIVE CONCERT SERIES.

This time we're going back to the LOVETOWN Tour and the band will be recreating the concert that took place on Dec 31 1989 at Point Depot in Dublin Ireland!!

As some of you know,this was the tour that also included the amazing B.B. KING & his band who not only opened the concerts but also participated in a couple of songs including Angel of Harlem, Love Rescue Me and When Love Comes to Town.

So get ready for an unforgettable night as Elevation will have a
full 4 piece HORN SECTION courtesy of the ACVI Horns. We will also have the "Hess Street All-Stars" open the show AND fill in the much needed BLUES elements of Lovetown...On BB GUITAR, we will have Brian Griffith. Daniel Lanois has been quoted as saying that "Brian Griffith can play anywhere and with anyone on the planet !!" Brian has worked often with Daniel Lanois on various recordings,especially on Willie Nelson's Teatro,and he also toured with Willie. Anytime Lanois performs in Ontario,he always makes sure to bring Brian up to play alongside him,which he did this past summer at the Elgin theatre in Toronto and will do again on Nov 18 in Hamilton. We will also have Jesse O' Brien on keys, who is considered one of the finest keyboard
players around and is constantly in demand as a sideman and as a session player.People like Ronnie Hawkins always make sure to have him around whenever they're playing the Hamilton/Niagara region. On BB Vocals, JoelGuenther will be featured. Joel has been a fixture in the Hamiltonmusic scene for years now and is respected and admired by all who get the chance to hear him perform.

After the "LOVETOWN" portion of the evening,we'll all take a little
pause for the cause,and then Elevation will be back for another set of U2 to keep you rockin...

Friday Nov 11th, 2006
music starts at 10.00p.m.
doors open at 8.30
tickets: $10.00 at the door
178 Bathurst St (just off Queen)
Kick Ass the way, I shook Daniel Lanois' hand Friday night at Vegas #1; he and a couple friends were about to enter the sushi restaurant inside the MGM.....:shake:

We have plans on seeing Elevation CA next time around..!
Hey Mysterious Doll,

We recently confirmed that we we will be in Vancouver from January 6-9, 2006 - please check our tour dates for details: for the Toronto LOVETOWN show, we are really looking forward to it and we just signed on 2 female back-up singers!

ps- Hi Mr. BAW! :)
SAMMMMMMY!!! :wave:

It was really great running into one of our most favourite Canadians in Vegas :D
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