It's Official I hate the HILTON SISTERS!

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but if you were as rich as them you would probably be an annoying stuck up bitch like them, and that wouldn't be good.

I think concept of being famous for being famous is idiotic.
I'm not real sure who the Hilton girls are and Ms. BAW is in Stateline, where last night she hit a major JACKPOT (I'll let her tell you) so she can't tell me...but who are these girls??? :help: any photos??
Rick they are the heiresses to the Hilton hotel fortune.


Paris Hilton: Feb 17, 1981
Known to the tabloids as "Paris the Heiress," Hilton made a name for herself as a party-hopping socialite early in the 21st century. She is the great-granddaughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton, granddaughter of Barron Hilton, grand-niece of Nicholas Conrad "Nicky" Hilton (the one-time husband of Elizabeth Taylor) and daughter of real estate magnate Rick Hilton. An occasional model, she also has had a few small film roles, most notably appearing as herself in the hi-fashion satire Zoolander (2001, with Ben Stiller). Her younger sister Nicky is also a well-known socialite.

Nicky Hilton: born Oct 5, 1983
Nicky Hilton and her older sister Paris are known for being the young and wealthy heirs to the Hilton Hotel fortune, and for their jetset party-girl lifestyles. Nicky is named for her granduncle Nicholas Conrad "Nicky" Hilton, Jr., the one-time husband of actress Elizabeth Taylor and the son of Hilton Hotels founder Conrad Hilton.

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Maybe they do have "silver spoon" lives. But there's the old cliche that money doesn't guarantee happiness. Look at Christina Onassis. Gosh, she had hundreds of millions of $$ and she was a mess. I'd rather have my life than hers.
i saw something on tv were one of them said on Oprah that she decided to work at McDonalds............she was like "omg i only made $40 (or something)....that's not even enough for half a meal at The Ivy ( i believe it was)"----it was them being interviewed so i wasn't paying too much attention:tsk:

but yeah having a fraction of their $$$ wouldn't be too bad at all:wink:
ugh, i hate them too. i'm not envious of them at all. they're ugly as sin (not all skinny blondes are hot) and they clearly have to party hearty because they're unhappy. i'm serious too.
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