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Dec 31, 1969
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There is a guest who has been viewing the thread 'Show Off Time - Lets See Your Avatars Everyone!' for about the last 4 days.

Maybe its LahLah.

I wonder what they are doing.

Strange. Guess they just went on holiday or something.

Unless it is LahLah who just passes out at her computer for weeks at a time.

Lahlah was somebody who used to be in chat ALL THE TIME, I mean 24/7. Maybe he/she/it still is but I wouldnt know cause i don't go to chat anymore. But this creature never said a word to anyone and was ALWAYS in chat so we made up a story that this person had died at the computer and was now a rotting corpse that no one had yet discovered. Then we made another story that Lahlah was an evil, killer teletubby with sharp fangs that showed 24 hour porn images on the telly in it's belly. So now you know....
LahLah was always a good listener for my day to day problems...
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speaking of quiet characters..Risti, Cowgirl, Baby G, Ody, Jessica-Ann..etc. ?? this place has been missing a few people :(
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