I'm ready for what's next...

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The Fly
Mar 8, 2009
Hello again... this is JT from Costa Rica... long time no posting here.

I can feel it coming... I Think I know what it is!

A new album is coming, a new tour will come as well. I hit the road 3 times in 2009/2011, now I feel I am ready for whatever 2014 brings on for us U2 fans.

I'm ready
I'm ready for the gridlock
I'm ready to take it to the street
I'm ready for the shuffle
Ready for the deal
Ready to let go of the steering wheel
I'm ready
Ready for the crush...
Leaves you standing in the station
Your anal cavity tightens up your ass

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I'm ready for the punch..

A shock to the brain
Sends a signal to the ass
Leave your train parked in the station
While the sphincter closes up real fast..
Ooh ohhhh Zoo Donkeyyyyy
I'm ready.

No, not quite.

I just started to listen to my U2 collection chronologically. I cannot wait for new music, but I am not quite ready yet. Between ordinary (love) daily tasks I started this project of going through U2's history, and I am still not yet at NLOTH and 360. When I am done, the album will be here. I have that from a trusted source. If you start now, you'll make it too. It's just an alternative to complain.

But seriously. June???
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