Im pretty sure I love two people

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It is only wrong if both of them think you are in a committed realtionship with them. Is that the case?
You're going to hell! :combust:

J/k....I think having feelings for two people is completely normal. The real question is out of these two men, which one is the best one for you? The most compatible? The most likely to treat you right?
angel_of_L.A. said:
You're going to hell! :combust:

J/k....I think having feelings for two people is completely normal. The real question is out of these two men, which one is the best one for you? The most compatible? The most likely to treat you right?
I have no idea who would treat me better at this point.
the most compatible would be the "other"
me speaking from experience, its normal. but you shouldnt be in a relationship with anyone if your in love with 2 men. sure you cant control what your heart feels...but think of how the other guy might feel if he found out you were in love with someone else.

good luck.
when its about the people you love, you should just follow your heart. thats the best advice, cause none of us could tell you to do this or that, im sure you know, in your heart, which one you wanna go with. just try not to make the other 1 miserable. good luck!
Tara....honestly babe...if you are in a relationship and you're having feelings for someone else that to me is a huge red flag that perhaps you shouldn't be in a relationship with your boyfriend. Regardless of whether or not you end up with the other guy. It's not fair to him. And feelings could get hurt otherwise. I'm not trying to be mean chica, but think about how you would feel if your boyfriend was pining over someone else while you stayed'd be turbo-pissed.

You can be in love with more than one guy....but you can't promise fidelity to either if that's going to be the case.

Take care, love.
Talk to your boyfriend about it before you do anything else.
One, because he should know about it and two, if you seriously have feelings for someone else maybe that's not a good sign for you two.
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Tara - Put BONO down, step away from the man now....:laugh:

Sorry, just making a little joke.

Seriously though take some time out for you. If your b/f loves you he will give you the space to sort out your feelings.

Everything that Stars said is right on the button.

Take care:hug:
u2bonogirl said:
I think Im in love with two men at the same time.
Is that morally wrong?
Im headed for disaster here

A few thoughts here..
First, by who's standards (morals) are we speaking?
If you are a 'Godly' person, then already know the answer. If its another persons idea, then the decision is yours.
Second, there are 8 billion people on earth, can we really believe that there is only one person, one 'soul mate', for each of us?
I was married for 16 years to someone who i thought was my partner for life but in a nut shell, i was used and abused, it was one of the most painful, yet liberating things to part from him. We changed, needs changed, life changed. I went from that marriage right into another.Mainly because i felt i had so much to offer a mate and i truly love being married. But after 4+ years i find myself very unfulfilled, very lonely and extremly unappreciated. This time though, im not waiting for him to change, to get happy, to start living a quaility life...its just not my responsability. Im not being cold, its just im more aware of time then i ever have been in my life...and time is not on my side. I think its possible to love 2 people at the same time.. just maybe different levels. You have to make a decision though, because its draining to be decietful, it wears down the spirit and soul, and if thats what its doing, whats left after youve made a decision?
you have to understand no matter what your going to feel bad about letting the other guy go.

But if you do make a decision, you have to stick with it.
Personally, when I want to be in love with someone, I want them all to myself. Yeah, that's a bit possesive, but at the same time, I want to make that one girl feel like she's the best thing in the world, so that she doesn't need anything else.

At the same time, if I ever truly loved someone, I would be able to let them go. I would want them to be happy, as happy as could be, even if it was without me.
I think that's one of the true definitions of love.
I would do anything in the world for her, but if she didn't feel it for me, then I would be able to let her go.
This is mostly out of concern , but also, I expect someone to love me completely as I would love them completely, so if someone can't give me 100%, then I wouldn't be able to give them 100%, you know what I mean?

Unfortunatley, I've already had to do that once- let go of someone I loved.

It hurt, but, I think it's for the best.
I couldn't be happy if I had doubt that she wasn't totally there for me, and since she wasn't able to be there the way I fellt was right, I let it go.


So I think the most important thing is figuring out what sort of realtionship you want, and what sort of relationship each guy is willing to offer.

It's your choice, it would appear.
And it probably won't be easy.

But love triangles can sort of be detrimental if they go on for too long.
:hug: I love ya, Tara. Take care of yourself ok, I know you can be a bit hard on yourself sometimes....don't beat yourself up but just press on through and it'll work out for the best.

On a silly note...and hopefully this will cheer you up....I can never look at this pic and not smile back....(my Xmas pressie for you):
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You’re in a very tough predicament. At the same time, the silver lining is that you got to a point where you are able to do something about it before you’re stuck for good. You command your destiny here, which is not something we're always afforded.

Either choice will hurt, but making the right one for you is the final redemption. If they truly love you, they will understand your decision. Finally, I would like to leave you with Sheryl Crow’s Home.

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thank you all so much. stars, Im trying not to beat myself up I promise:D
and anything bono related seems to make everything a little better!
thanks adecentmelody!
boystupidboy.....that is a secret:wink: but maybe its YOU!
You know what's the worse part? For years, it seems like you can't fnd anyone actually worth it.

And then when you're already commited there comes along another one who seems just as perfect.

I'm too faithfull and loyal to do anything about it. I couldn't live with myself though.

I do know what you're going through. Give it time. Best of luck. :hug:
Im so loyal it just makes my predicament worse:madspit:
I attach great worth to fidelity
Im going to meet the other guy and see how it goes but at this point in time I am still with my boyfriend and I love him to pieces
as long as yor boyfriend knows and respects and appreciates that.

When yuo give your heart it's very important that it;s well respected. Otherwise, it's not right.
when I love I love hard. Theres no middle ground:| my boyfriend knows how much I value him. He doesnt know how much his lack of communication hurts me or how his lack of passion for things dampens mine...but its hard to talk to somebody about that when they dont say anything back

There you go.

Why is it always that? Communication...........
I'll have to keep that in mind for future refernces.

Well, that's really too bad. I don't like it when it's hart to talk like that.

I hope, for your sake, that you get hip to open up or something. If you can't do that, then I say it's a doomed relationship. Sorry, but I don't think it's a good thing.

It's like cutting off oxygen to the brain.

Maybe you can like try to spend some "us" time together and talk about the realtionship, about "us". I would recomend maybe even going to some sort of like couple counseling (not that I'm saying you need "help" or anythin glike that, just an idea), but i don't know if y'all, or he, maybe, is ready for that.

If he's not saying anything back now, well, start slow...

and I don't mean to be harsh, but....

actions do speak louder than words.
If he's not putting the effort to make things work, or make things as best as possible, then

"He's just not into you"

(okay, wow..... you know what? that...... that came from..... from Oprah...... I need to like do some push ups or something now..... ugh)............. :eyebrow: (I dont' watch it often, I just have a good memory, that's all- contextual memory... not that there is anything wrong with a guy watching Oprah, but.... it is definitly.... geared towards women and all that...... um.............. yeah......)
moving on.......

but one more thing..... please, and this goes for anyone, don't be in a realtionship where the other person doesn't care enough. Don't be afraid to allow yourself to deserve a quality relationship- I'm not saying that this case is like that- I honestly don't know the ins and outs. But don't be afraid to want the best, because everyone deserves to be loved.

Nat King Cole- "Nature Boy"

"The greatest thing, you'll ever learn......
is to love,
and to be loved..... return..."


PS: NOthing is wrong with loving hard. I like hard love- that's they way I am. But I've learned that you've got to have it respected, otherwise it's in vain. But to me.... hard love is good love. And really, it's the only love that's real.

no need to half-ass something serious like that
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Non-communication can really screw up a relationship.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.
Yeah.... I'll second that, Sicy.

And thanks, u2bonogirl. I'm glad you could enjoy that.

since the cat's already out of the bag..........

I usually watch Dr. PHil when I get home, it's an interesting show and gives me some time to unwind and shift gears. And since Oprah follows, I sometimes watch it. There are some good topics, yeah, I agree with that. So I guess I won't be so reluctant to admit that I have seen it before.

But sometimes you just have to change the channel, or better yet shut off the TV. I know it's a womans show, but seriously, sometimes they get into things that make me wonder if it's really a healthy show to watch.

But then again, I'm a guy. And other people can do as they may- Oprah doesn't seem to be running low on fans these days.

(wow, but if I ever like go to the show with a girl or my family (heh- we seriously COULD be on an "Oprah" type show....... :( ), I would have to bring some ear plugs. I like women making loud, somewhat vulgar noises when they are very happy :wink: , but all those high pitched war cries of salutation- like when Oprah enters and walks to her chair...... ugh..... that must be one crazy studio...)

Hmm..... sorry, I don't know where I was going with that post.

...... um........
Good luck!
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welllllll heres an update on the whole problem I had.
I resolved it. I chose. It feels really good and I know I made the right choice. Somehow my life went from monotone to dolby digital.....what did I ever do to deserve something as good as I have now?
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