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Digital Spy 2

Feb 12, 2024
North East of England
Hello. I used to post here under the name of a plant. The last time I was here I think it was 2013.

I first got into U2 in 1997 when I borrowed 2 cd albums from a neighbour and my mum's employer. They were Pop and Achtung Baby.

Since then I have moved up north from the south west of England, became a Whovian in order to get another obsession in between albums and I joined another forum called Digital Spy but I have stopped posting in their since 2018 I think.

More recently I have been watching Ancient Aliens on Blaze where I have discovered that they are people who believe that we have descended from aliens.

Last time I was here I remember Sicy, BVS, Gvox, Cobl and there are others who unfortunately I can't remember their names. But it would be good to see if some of them are still here.
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