I feel like throwing in the towel

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Jan 10, 2001
not here
The Interference towel. :sigh:

I hate this. I have been away for sooooooooo long, I can't catch up! I miss the days I could post all day long at work. I can't even open the internet at work, and Interference is blocked even if I dared do so. :scream:

I don't recognise sooooooo many people and so many have left. *Doesn't deal well with change.

I guess that is my real confession. I don't deal well with change. My life can change but everything else must stay the same.

Anyway........ :heart: Interference. Help me find my way back.....
I'm sorry sweetie, it's hard to be away :hug:

We wish you could be here more, and lots of your old friends are still here - who knows, maybe you can make some new ones? :shrug:
:laugh: good one Bonochick!

... and thx Beth, new friends are always good. :up:

But I am just realising so many things like SICY IS ENGAGED! :shocked: I seem to have missed that one. And what about little miss U2girl and the "Von" wedding?? Did we ever see photos? I want photos!!! :angry:
i'm still here...that is...IF you recognize me. :sexywink: :lol:
you know what darlin'?

sometimes it's good to spend time away from here....
you don't have to feel like you're missing something if you're not tuned into here 24/7. i'm not here that much...but somehow...i can find what's "important"...
don't worry...live your life, hon....that is more important than being here at ALL times...
live and live large :up:
and i'm sure Sicy understands....she's cool :)
I dont deal well with change either.. I know what you mean.

:hug: It's all good girl, just read what you can, when you can :)
I was away 4/5 months :shrug:

I got back into the swing of things really quickly....too quickly :uhoh:
I've been here forever--remember me? :wave:

Don't worry about not being here all the time. I worry about being here too much. :wink: Just catch up as you can, post what you like, and don't sweat the rest of it.

We can all take turns calling you at work with updates, and posting stuff for you in a random account called "Angel's Voice" or something. :shrug:

MissVelvetDress_75 said:
you have missed me fighting the world and defending my hometown.


I really liked Atlanta when I visited. I hope to visit the city again someday.

My only bone was that very few people support their very succesful baseball franchise.

Chop Chop! :wink:
*runs out streaking nude through ZooConfessional for old time's sake*

Yes, things really do feel different here, and I was only away for most of September. :huh:

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