Desert Island XI - Results, Aftermath and Playlist Exchange Thread

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I can’t believe somebody ranked Joey’s list #12. It was so good. The selection of artists was like the B&C all stars. Glad it finished near the top.
# 3


100 points
Highest placement - 1st (iron yuppie)
Lowest placement - 10th

LN7 Advanced Stats™:
Acousticness average - 2nd
Artist popularity average - 12th
Countries: 10
Danceability average - 8th
Energy average - 12th
Happiness average - 9th
Loudness average - 10th
Song popularity average - 12th


No Man is an Island


This is just an expression of how I am feeling in the current situation. There is a tension to most of the music but it is also contemplative of my role as a nurse working through these weird times we are living in, with the simple recognition that I am not an island in this situation but a collection of colleagues supporting and working together to get through it. Some tracks are bit on the nose than others (Keep the Streets Empty for Me *ahem*) and some are just there because of the general feeling they provide more through the music than lyrics. Some tracks touch on the politics of it from the Fontaines track to the Everything Everything track (yes, No Reptiles is political, I’m sure I will get to explain!). It is maybe a touch sadder than I wanted it to be but interspersed with moments of hope.

1. Félix Blume - "Funeral Procession “AMI FIDÈLE ET TENDRE” - Death in Haiti: Funeral Brass bands and Sounds from Port Au Prince (2:47)
2. Obongjayar - "Dreaming in Transit" – Which Way is Forward (4:09)
3. TV On the Radio – "DLZ" – Dear Science (3:49)
4. Leonard Cohen - "You Want It Darker" – You Want it Darker (4:44)
5. Susanna - "Death and the Miser" – Garden of Earthly Delights (4:13)
6. TORRES - "Good Grief" – Silver Tongue (5:03)
7. Fontaines D.C. - "The Lotts" – Dogrel (4:57)
8. Screaming Females – "Hopeless" – Rose Mountain (2:43)
9. This Is the Kit – "Spinney" – Wriggle Out the Restless (2:49)
10. A Hawk and A Hacksaw - "The Way the Wind Blows" – The Way the Wind Blows (4:18)
11. Frankie Rose - "The Fall" – Interstellar (3:27)
12. Wild Beasts - "Loop the Loop" – Smother (4:07)
13. Grumbling Fur - "The Ballad of Roy Batty" – Glynnaestra (3:39)
14. FKA twigs - "Two Weeks" – LP1 (4:08)
15. Agnes Obel - "Island of Doom" – Island of Doom (5:29)
16. Fever Ray - "Keep the Streets Empty for Me" – Fever Ray (5:37)
17. Austra - "I Love You More Than You Love Yourself" – Future Politics (4:59)
18. Another Sky - "The Cracks" – The Cracks (3:47)
19. Everything Everything - "No Reptiles" – Get to Heaven (4:43)
20. Brandt Brauer Frick - "Broken Pieces feat. Jamie Lidell" – Miami (4:26)
21. Nujabes - "Feather (feat. Cise Starr & Akin from CYNE)" – Modal Soul (2:55)
22. Lantlôs - "Melting Sun I: Azure Chimes" – Melting Sun (7:11)
23. Zola Jesus – "Exhumed" – Okovi (3:45)
24. Burial – "Archangel" – Untrue (4:00)
25. The Black Twig Pickers - "I Can't Stay Here by Myself" – Rough Carpenters (4:34)

Total runtime: 1:46:19
Forgive me, I've been copy/pasting from a format I started earlier in the night and didn't change the placements for Joey. He had two 11th place finishes and no 12th place finishes. It's fixed now.
Since this next one is basically the winner announcement, I need an extra few minutes to do both entries so I can post them back to back.
GAFs list was so damn fun that I didn't even notice it had started/ended.
# 2


102 points
Highest placement - 1st (GirlsAloudFan, Jerry Dunk)
Lowest placement - 12th

LN7 Advanced Stats™:
Acousticness average - 5th
Artist popularity average - 3rd
Countries: 2
Danceability average - 6th
Happiness average - 4th
Energy average - 11th
Loudness average - 12th
Song popularity average - 4th


Sheltered in Place in New York

This is the simplest possible concept I can think of: songs about New York City. It’s been done time and again. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of songs that fit the bill. I don’t really care. In this time where I can only see Brooklyn through my window, this playlist makes me remember how much I miss this dang city.

I tried to capture a range of styles that are important to New York – from jazz and hip hop to punk and the CBGB – as well as favorite contemporary artists that were so obviously influenced by what came before them in the city. It’s remarkable how much excellent music there is about NYC. I have a longer playlist which is over 6 hours long. I couldn’t find room for stuff like Visions of Johanna, New York I Love You But You Are Bringing Me Down, Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, New York City Cops, etc etc. But hopefully this provides you with some good thoughts or memories of a city that I came to call home.

Disc 1

1. Clifford Brown, Max Roach Quintet - "Take The A" Train" - Study In Brown (04:15)
2. Beastie Boys - "An Open Letter To NYC" - To The 5 Boroughs (04:18)
3. Wu-Tang Clan - "C.R.E.A.M." - Enter The Wu-Tang (04:12)
4. A Tribe Called Quest - "Electric Relaxation " - The Anthology (03:46)
5. Stevie Wonder - "Living For The City" – Innervisions (07:23)
6. Bobby Womack - "Across 110th Street" - Midnight Mover: The Bobby Womack Story (03:50)
7. Talking Heads - "Psycho Killer" - Talking Heads '77 (04:20)
8. The Velvet Underground & Nico - "I'm Waiting For The Man" - The Velvet Underground & Nico (04:39)
9. Le Tigre - "My My Metrocard" - Le Tigre (02:54)
10. New York Dolls - "Subway Train" - New York Dolls (04:20)
11. Ramones - "Rockaway Beach" – Ramones (02:21)
12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Yeah! New York" – Fever to Tell (02:06)

Disc 2

1. Patti Smith - "Piss Factory" - Hey Joe / Piss Factory (04:41)
2. Iggy Pop – "Avenue B" – Avenue B (05:21)
3. Tom Waits - "Downtown Train" - Rain Dogs (03:50)
4. Joni Mitchell - "Chelsea Morning" - Clouds (02:31)
5. Television – "Venus" – Marquee Moon (3:49)
6. Eleanor Friedberger - "Roosevelt Island" - Last Summer (05:20)
7. St. Vincent - "New York" – MASSEDUCTION (02:34)
8. Lana Del Rey - "Brooklyn Baby" – Ultraviolence (05:52)
9. Interpol - "NYC" - Turn On The Bright Lights (04:19)
10. The National - "The Geese of Beverly Road" – Alligator (04:56)
11. Lou Reed - "Walk on the Wild Side" – Transformer (04:14)
12. Bruce Springsteen - "New York City Serenade" - The Wild, the Innocent & The E Street Shuffle (09:58)

Total runtime: 105:00
# 1


111 points
Highest placement - 1st (bono_212, Joey788, LuckyNumber7)
Lowest placement - 7th

LN7 Advanced Stats™:
Acousticness average - 4th
Artist popularity average - 5th
Countries: 8
Danceability average - 5th
Energy average - 10th
Happiness average - 8th
Loudness average - 6th
Song popularity average - 7th



“We can still support each other. All we gotta do is avoid each other.”

My goal for this playlist is not to serve as an escape from the harsh realities of our situation. If anything, I hope to evoke many of the feelings experienced during a prolonged quarantine - loneliness, listlessness, detachment - while using songs that long for something more. These are songs about love, passion, and real human connection. Together they are melancholy, but warm and maybe a tiny bit hopeful. Maybe this list won’t lift your spirits, but I hope that it makes you feel a little closer to the friend who put it together.

1. Susanne Sundfør - “Delirious” - Ten Love Songs (4:55)
2. Björk - “Joga” - Homogenic (5:05)
3. Phantogram - “Fall in Love” - Voices (3:43)
4. Gorillaz - “Empire Ants (feat. Little Dragon)” - Plastic Beach (4:43)
5. Jessie Ware - “Running” - Devotion (4:28)
6. Jamie XX - “Loud Places (feat. Romy)” - In Colour (4:33)
7. (Sandy) Alex G - “Sportstar” - Rocket (3:51)
8. Shura - “Flyin’” - Forevher (3:36)
9. Calvin Harris - “Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)” - Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 (3:50)
10. Caroline Polachek - “Hit Me Where It Hurts” - Pang (3:04)
11. Charli XCX & Christine and the Queens - “Gone” - Charli (4:06)
12. Carly Rae Jepsen - “Julien” - Dedicated (3:54)
13. Robyn - “Ever Again” - Honey (4:24)
14. Grimes - “Flesh Without Blood” - Art Angels(4:24)
15. The Jezabels - Endless Summer - Prisoner (4:11)
16. Jay Som - “Superbike” - Anak Ko (3:53)
17. Alvvays - “In Undertow” - Antisocialites (3:17)
18. The Beths - “Future Me Hates Me” - Future Me Hates Me (4:06)
19. Kero Kero Bonito - “Flyway” - Time ‘n’ Place (1:58)
20. Sweet Trip - “Dsco” - Velocity : Design : Comfort (3:11)
21. Rocketship “I Love You the Way That I Used to Do” - A Certain Smile, a Certain Sadness (4:21)
22. Stereolab - “The Flower Called Nowhere” - Dots and Loops (4:55)
23. Tindersticks - “Marbles” - Tindersticks (4:30)
24. Broadcast - “Before We Begin” - Haha Sound (3:22)
25. Beach House - “Master of None” - Beach House (3:19)
26. The Beach Boys - “All I Wanna Do” - Sunflower (2:36)
27. Weyes Blood - “Something to Believe” - Titanic Rising (4:45)
28. Angel Olsen - “Sister” - My Woman (7:45)
29. Timber Timbre - “Hot Dreams” - Hot Dreams (4:53)
30. Saint Etienne - Erica America - Good Humor (4:02)
31. A Girl Called Eddy - “Jody” - Been Around (5:39)
32. Lambchop - “Nashville Parent” - Nixon (5:38)
33. Dusty Springfield - “Just a Little Lovin’” - Dusty in Memphis (2:18)
34. Dionne Warwick - “Anyone Who Had a Heart” - “Anyone Who Had a Heart (3:04)
35. The Ronettes - “How Does It Feel” - Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica (2:40)
36. Laura Nyro - “Blackpatch” - Christmas and the Beads of Sweat (3:32)
37. Fiona Apple - “Werewolf” - The Idler Wheel… (3:12)
38. The National - “Exile Vilify” - Exile Vilify (From the Game Portal 2) (4:45)

Total runtime: 154:28
None of you will believe my opinion on that list is unbiased, but I'll still say my peace anyways:

That was a damn fine playlist.
Top fives:

1. iron yuppie
2. GirlsAloudFan
3. Gump
4. Bono_212
5. LJT

1. iron yuppie
2. GAF
3. LJT
4. LemonMelon
5. Joey788

1. LemonMelon
2. Gump
3. LJT
4. namkcuR
5. Axver

the tourist
1. GirlsAloudFan
2. Axver
3. Joey788
4. LJT
5. Gump

1. Gump
2. Cobl04
3. Bono_212
4. LemonMelon
5. Jerry Dunk

Jerry Dunk
1. Gump
2. Bono212
3. LemonMelon
4. LN7
5. Joey

iron yuppie
1. LJT
2. LemonMelon
3. Cobl04
4. Joey788
5. Gump

1. Joey788
2. GirlsAloudFan
3. LemonMelon
4. Axver
5. Gump

1. iron yuppie
2. The tourist
3. gump
4. Joey788
5. cobl04

1. GirlsAloudFan
2. Joey788
3. Gump
4. iron yuppie
5. Jerry Dunk

1. iron yuppie
2. Joey788
3. LJT
4. LemonMelon
5. namkcuR

1. LemonMelon
2. Axver
3. LuckyNumber7
4. LJT
5. gump

1. LemonMelon
2. LJT
3. bono_212
4. Axver
5. cobl04
LM stuffing the ballot boxes here guys.

Thanks everyone! Really proud of my second place finish!

And congrats, LM. Really enjoyed your list!
Let it be known

I chose the winner based upon cold hard numbers

See? No shenanigans here. Numbers don't lie, people do.

LM stuffing the ballot boxes here guys.

Thanks everyone! Really proud of my second place finish!

And congrats, LM. Really enjoyed your list!

I said you would win, and while I was was a pretty good guess, all things considered. Until the last ballot, we were 1 point apart.

And thank you! You know what I think about your list because I wrote an essay on it lol
This was fun. Let’s try it again in less than 5 years. Haha. I’m already working on a couple different lists for possible future entries for funsies. Only one way to go from the bottom!
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Axver wins for doing this well while having the least popular batch of songs and artists in this entire competition. Seriously, great job.


I can't believe mine made it as high as sixth. I hadn't consciously set out to submit something super obscure, and possibly over-rated the familiarity of a few artists - once the first couple of reviews came in and I realised both how niche I'd gone and how I possibly could've varied the mood up a bit more, I figured I would be lucky to get more than a spot or two off the bottom. So, cheers to everyone who placed my list highly.

This was fun. Let’s try it again in less than 5 years. Haha. I’m already working on a couple different lists for possible future entries for funsies. Only one way to go from the bottom!

Agreed. I've made a Melbourne list in response to the city lists on here. Might share it, I think it's about ready to go - it's not really suited to a DI, or more to the point if I submitted it to a DI, I would condense it quite a bit.
I'm quite happy with 3rd place! Thought it would be more divisive than that but I think iYup's beat me on that having so many number ones but finishing further down the ranking.

Apologies for not getting to round to writing my thoughts on the last few. I was trying to re-listen to everything as it ended up being so long since I originally listened to them in order to get my thoughts down.

But just to say I thought iYups was pretty awesome, I guess it felt closest to my own tastes and was a great mood piece as well. While Joey's finally made me check out more of Porcupine Tree which I had long ignored even though there are some big fans of them here! I think I tried before and just didn't gel with them but this time around...maybe a sign of greater maturity.

The Tourists I just loved and was an early favourite that just managed to stick in my head. It's so good to stick on in the lovely weather we have generally been having and Gump's I think was just a perfect execution of what he set out to do while remaining highly enjoyable. Cobbler's second electronic half was brilliant and I would really like to hear a list by yourself that went all in on that.

My top 5 was heavily biased to my own group, but again I think there was a great collection of playlists that just tapped heavily into my general taste.

The stats were great so thanks LN7!

Here's to next time:up: I already have a few ideas.
I'm honestly surprised that I finished as high as 4th - I thought my list would be more middle-of-the-pack. Everyone had immensely strong and creative lists this year. Thanks to LM for putting this together and to you all for all the music. I found something to love about every playlist and now have so many artists to discover. Susanne Sundfor and This Is The Kit feel like early new favorites, but I can't wait to delve further into all the fantastic music here.

I'd definitely love to do this again!
Good stuff. Thanks for running LM, and thanks for all the stats LN7.

I didn't expect to do well since my very narrow focus did not lend itself to finding 29 ideal transitions, but it's far and away the list I'm most proud of.
Good stuff. Thanks for running LM, and thanks for all the stats LN7.

I didn't expect to do well since my very narrow focus did not lend itself to finding 29 ideal transitions, but it's far and away the list I'm most proud of.

For what you might have been missing in “ideal transitions” you elegantly put together in terms of concept. The list spoke for itself.
congrats to LM on the victory. out of the handful of playlists i was able to listen to yours was my favourite as well. well played to everyone else who participated too, every submission i heard was top-quality and it seems like the others universally were as well.
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