Desert Island XI - Results, Aftermath and Playlist Exchange Thread

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# 9


70 points
Highest placement - 2nd (Jerry Dunk)
Lowest placement - 11th

LN7 Advanced Stats™:
Acousticness average - 10th
Artist popularity average - 6th
Countries: 4
Danceability average - 1st
Energy average - 4th
Happiness average - 1st
Loudness average - 9th
Song popularity average - 1st



To Live and Die In L.A.

The idea for this playlist started shortly after I moved to Los Angeles, almost exactly six years ago. There were two radio stations, in particular, that I was ecstatic to have discovered, 93.5 KDAY, which still exists and 92.3 KHHT, which left me in 2015 not long after I arrived. 93.5 and 92.3 were both 90s-centric stations, The former hip-hop, the latter R&B. Almost overnight, I fell in love with West Coast Hip Hop and the song "Ain't Nobody" by Chaka Khan.

Not very long after I moved here, I started to get this feel of songs that made me feel pretty good while I was driving, or stuck in traffic. Then there started to be these other songs that I strongly associated with driving around at night. That was the original idea for the list: Day and Night driving in Los Angeles. Over time, though, it became pretty obvious this playlist is more like a sunset to sunrise sort of adventure.

So, that's what I want you to take from this. Think of it as a Saturday afternoon into a 3:00 AM quiet drive home Sunday morning. From the perspective of someone from Indiana who's lived in the city for a pretty OK amount of time at this point, but still associates Sunset Boulevard with 80s post-punk instead of hair metal, for whatever reason...

(Only :20s kept me from this being two standard discs. I couldn't bare to cut anymore from the first part, though, so it's staying like this, OCD be damned)

I Live. I Die:
1. 2Pac - "To Live & Die In L.A." - Greatest Hits (4:33)
2. Tony! Toni! Tone! - "It Never Rains (In Southern California) - The Revival (5:04)
3. Suga Free - "Dip Da" - Street Gospel (4:33)
4. Ice Cube - "It Was A Good Day" - The Predator (4:20)
5. Warren G., Nate Dogg "Regulate" - Regulate...G Funk Era (4:09)
6. The Pharcyde - "Runnin'" - Labcabincalifornia (4:56)
7. Souls of Mischief - "93 'Til Infinity" - 93 'til Infinity (4:46)
8. Dred Scott - "Duck Ya Head" - Breakin' Combs (4:49)
9. The Lady of Rage - "Afro Puffs" - Above The Rim (4:48)
10. Snoop Dogg - "Who Am I (What's My Name)?" - Doggystyle (4:06)
11. Grace Jones - "Pull Up To The Bumper" - Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions (4:33)
12. Prince - "I Wanna Be Your Lover" - Prince (5:48)
13. Chaka Khan - "Ain't Nobody" - Epiphany: The Best of Chaka Khan, Vol. 1 (4:41)
14. Laura Branigan - "Self Control" - Self Control (4:06)
15. The Who - "Eminence Front" - It's Hard (5:39)
16. Glenn Frey - "You Belong To The City" - Above The Clouds - The Collection (5:53)
17. Jan Hammer - "Crockett's Theme" - Miami Vice: Special Edition (3:36)
TRT: 1:20:20

I Live Again:
1. Wang Chung - "To Live And Die In L.A." - To Live & Die In L.A. (4:54)
2. Fleetwood Mac - "Big Love" - Greatest Hits (3:39)
3. Siouxsie and the Banshees - "Cities In Dust" - Tinderbox (3:52)
4. Gene Loves Jezebel - "Desire (Come and Get It)" - The Best of Gene Loves Jezebel - Voodoo Dollies (3:20)
5. Sisters of Mercy - "Lucretia My Reflection" - Floodland (4:57)
6. The Plimsouls - "A Million Miles Away" - Everywhere At Once (3:35)
7. The Go-Go's - "This Town" - Beauty And The Beat (3:20)
8. X - "The World's a Mess, It's in My Kiss" - Los Angeles (4:29)
9. Josie Cotton - "He Could Be the One" - Convertible Music (2:49)
10. Missing Persons - "Destination Unknown" - Spring Session M. (3:37)
11. Talking Heads - "This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)" - Speaking in Tongues (4:56)
12. The Motels - "Only The Lonely" - All Four One (3:16)
13. Billy Idol - "Sweet Sixteen" - Whiplash Smile (4:18)
14. David & David - "Welcome To The Boomtown" - Boomtown (5:31)
15. The War On Drugs - "Red Eyes" - Lost In The Dream (4:59)
16. Bruce Springsteen - "Night" - Born To Run (3:00)
17. Tom Petter and the Heartbreakers - "American Girl" - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (3:35)
18. Bob Seger - "Hollywood Nights" - Stranger In Town (5:05)
19. Tom Waits - "(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night" - The Heart Of Saturday Night (3:53)

Total runtime: 2:37:25
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Yeah. But Confess is his best work. He just went through and played all his songs from the first couple records live, alone on Facebook recently.

While I agree, I still also REALLY love the work that followed and get very confused as to why it's considered so much less.

7 #11 get it

Well, as you can see, I very much enjoyed your list!

I was so mad at namckur's second half lol. That first half was by far my favourite part of the entire competition.

I would've liked it more without the first "half", haha. I just never understood how the two parts of the list went together, so I ended up placing it a little lower, as a result.
Judging by her advanced stats, Ashley just wasn't made for these times. Too happy, too dancey.
I'm shocked it was higher than #10. This was the worst response to a list I've received in quite a while :lol:.
I think overall the lists we make just keep getting better and better. That means good lists wind up really low. And I know this sounds self-serving since I placed last, but I’d say it even if I placed much higher.
# 7 (tie)

iron yuppie

79 points
Highest placement - 1st (Axver, gump, LemonMelon, LJT)
Lowest placement - 12th

LN7 Advanced Stats™:
Acousticness average - 1st
Artist popularity average - 11th
Countries: 9
Danceability average - 12th
Energy average - 13th
Happiness average - 12th
Loudness average - 13th
Song popularity average - 11th



The idea behind this playlist began as a joke. My sister and I were sitting outside talking about yoga. Her greyhound, Sal, was laying motionless in the sun in the middle of the yard. I made the comment that Sal’s entire yoga routine is Shavasana, which is the final resting pose. It stuck in my head and I started making a playlist based on the idea.

Despite the name meaning “corpse” in Sanskrit, Shavasana is intended to be a restorative, reflective state. In this playlist, I tried to create a feeling of moods and states of awareness washing over the mind as one lays in the pose.

1. Low - “Quorum” - Double Negative (3:42)
2. Tim Hecker - “Virginal II” - Virgins (5:23)
3. Jesu - “Your Path to Divinity” - Jesu (9:14)
4. Oliver Coates - “The Clouds Flew ‘Round with the Clouds” - Towards the Blessed Islands (5:38)
5. Slowdive - “Trellisaze” - Pygmalion (6:21)
6. Skee Mask - “Session Add” - Compro (6:20)
7. Visible Cloaks - “Terrazzo” - Reassemblage (3:40)
8. Satsuki Shibano - “Rayures Venitiennes” - Rendez-vous (3:24)
9. Four Tet - “Angel Echoes” - There Is Love in You (4:00)
10. John Talabot - “Destiny” - Fin (4:53)
11. Ibeyi ft Kamasi Washington - “Deathless” - Ash (3:11)
12. Mulatu Astatke - “Mulatu” - New York Addis London: The Story of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975 (5:01)
13. Fela Kuti - “Gentleman” - Gentleman (14:41)
14. Duke Pearson - “The Phantom” - The Phantom (10:19)
15. Yusef Lateef - “Like It Is” - The Blue Yusef Lateef (7:32)
16. Junius Paul - “Bowl Hit” - Ism (3:38)
17. Ben LaMar Gay - “I Ain’t Never Seent No…” - East of the Ryan (7:22)
18. Laurel Halo - “Raw Silk Uncut Wood” - Raw Silk Uncut Wood (10:00)
19. Bjork - “Unravel” - Homogenic (3:17)
20. Perfume Genius - “Die 4 You” - No Shape (3:33)
21. Wild Beasts - “A Dog’s Life” - Present Tense (3:21)
22. David Bowie - “Bring Me the Disco King” - Reality (7:45)

Total runtime: 2hr 13min
iYup had four(!) #1 placements and still came in 7th. By far the most divisive list in the competition.
My streak of never having a list far from the bottom of the rankings continues!

I was so mad at namckur's second half lol. That first half was by far my favourite part of the entire competition.

Ha - I knew it wouldn’t be for everyone, but it was just something I wanted to do.

I would've liked it more without the first "half", haha. I just never understood how the two parts of the list went together, so I ended up placing it a little lower, as a result.

The first part was a depiction of the current mood of our society, while the second part was an attempt to escape from said mood into nostalgia for a period of time a lot of us grew up in.

I wrote pages explaining it! :wink:
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iYup had four(!) #1 placements and still came in 7th. By far the most divisive list in the competition.

:lol: I just want to know who had a lower happiness average than me given that I had the express goal of it being depressing. :love:
# 7 (tie)


79 points
Highest placement - 2nd (GAF)
Lowest placement - 11th

LN7 Advanced Stats™:
Acousticness average - 3rd
Artist popularity average - 10th
Countries: 5
Danceability average - 3rd
Energy average - 9th
Happiness average - 10th
Loudness average - 11th
Song popularity average - 10th


Two Become One

I wanted to do two playlists. One with just Australian music, the other with just electronic music (a very wide breadth falls under) that. Since we may never do this again, I decided to put the two together. It is one whole playlist, and the transition point is a blend of the two ideas.

1. Camp Cope - "I've Got You" - How to Socialise and Make Friends (5:24)
2. Kelso - "Oh God There's So Much Love in Me" - Always a Godmother, Never a God (3:26)
3. Jen Cloher - "Regional Echo" - Jen Cloher (5:42)
4. David Bridie - "Delegate" - Wake (5:09)
5. Ali Barter - "The Captain" - A Suitable Girl (4:03)
6. The Drones - "To Think That I Once Loved You" - Feelin Kinda Free - (6:14)
7. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Higgs Boson Blues" - Push the Sky Away (7:51)
8. Stella Donnelly - "Allergies" - Beware of the Dogs (2:56)
9, Something for Kate - "Twenty Years" - Echolalia (3:51)
10. Rolling Blackouts C.F. - "An Air Conditioned Man" - Hope Downs (4:52)
11. Gang of Youths - "Native Tongue" - Let Me Be Clear (4:15)
12. Kev Carmody & Paul Kelly - "From Little Things Big Things Grow" - Bloodlines (5:49)
13. Kardajala Kirridarra - "Ngurra" - Kardajala Kirridarra (3:16)
14. Yothu Yindi - "Treaty (Radio Mix)" - Tribal Voice (4:04)
15. Moodymann - "I'll Provide" - Sinner (6:05)
16. Against All Logic - "Some Kind of Game" - 2012-2017 (6:47)
17. LCD Soundsystem - "i used to" - american dream (5:32)
18. Mr. Fingers - "Can You Feel It" - Can You Feel It (5:31)
19. Bonobo - "Cirrus" - North Borders (5:52)
20. Pachanga Boys - "Time" - Girlcatcher (15:13)
21. RÜFÜS DU SOL - "Innerbloom" - Bloom (9:38)
22. Radiohead - "I Am Citizen Insane" - Com Lag (3:33)
23. The National - "Sleep Well Beast" - Sleep Well Beast (6:33)
24. Visible Cloaks - "Terrazzo (ft. Motion Graphics)" - Reassemblage (3:41)
25. Mount Kimbie - "Before I Move Off" - Crooks & Lovers (4:10)
26. John Frusciante - "Glowe" - Letur-Lefr (1:28)
27. 808 State - "Pacific 707" - 808:88:98 (3:54)
28. Black Thought - "Thank You (ft. KIRBY)" - Streams of Thought vol.1 (3:54)
29. DJ Koze - "Seeing Aliens" - Knock Knock (4:52)

total runtime: 149:29
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Even though they both featured a ton of electronic music, the reactions to iYup and Cobbler's lists were wildly different. And yet they ended up in the same spot.
If we were doing tiebreakers, I would give it to iYup for all those #1 placements, but for now I'm just rolling with alphabetical order lol
I'll say this for Spotify's analytics: the 13th place for energy is appropriate given the theme of the list was corpse pose. A success in that regard I suppose. :lol:
Cool! Thanks GAF, you legend. We had each others backs in this comp :wink:

I'm shocked it was higher than #10. This was the worst response to a list I've received in quite a while :lol:.

Was it? I don't really recall seeing to much negativity at all. I think we were all quite positive about all the lists, and were just honest when parts didn't resonate.

iYup had four(!) #1 placements and still came in 7th. By far the most divisive list in the competition.

Give him #7.
# 6


80 points
Highest placement - 2nd (bono_212, the tourist)
Lowest placement - 10th

LN7 Advanced Stats™:
Acousticness average - 11th
Artist popularity average - 13th
Countries: 6
Danceability average - 10th
Energy average - 6th
Happiness average - 11th
Loudness average - 7th
Song popularity average - 13th



When I began this list, I just threw together tracks that I have been enjoying recently and thought could work nicely in a playlist. As I started to bring order to them, I realised my selections divided into two separate lists: songs that speak to me right now as I try to maintain any semblance of a satisfactory sleeping pattern during self-isolation; and songs that have soundtracked my experiences during the last few years of moving interstate for a dream job in a city I don’t like. I decided to run with the former for this list.

In putting together the tracks, there was one particularly abrupt transition that I chose not to resolve between tracks 19/20, I suppose a side one/two sort of deal. So, if you read no further, please take this as two sides that try to suggest some sort of nocturnal quarantine vibe.

The playlist does break down into some more discrete parts, and a loose story suggested itself to me as I sorted the songs. So, in the spirit of past DIs, I present it to you. You can take it seriously or as a total piss-take; if I’m honest, I didn’t intend it to be serious, but I’m fairly pleased with how it works.

~*~the story~*~

Don’t we all risk becoming nocturnal in self-isolation? Doesn’t our sleep become more fitful; our dreams more unsettled? This is a soundtrack for the hours between yesterday and tomorrow.

Part I: Lightning Without Sound
A year of crisis brings drought, bushfires, floods, and now pestilence. The smoke-choked skyline on New Year’s Day seems a century ago, yet also a harbinger so urgent that nobody grasped it fully. A person is trying to read by a dim light, but the book slips from their hand and they start to doze. Caliginous visions dance through their mind and say: come with me.

1. The Orbweavers—“The Dry”—Deep Leads (4:46)
2. Angel Olsen—“All Mirrors”—All Mirrors (4:42)
3. Woodes—“How Long I’d Wait”—How Long I’d Wait single (3:45)
4. Chromatics—“Time Rider”—Time Rider single (4:43)
5. The Hundred in the Hands—“Come With Me”—Red Night (3:10)
6. Kayo—“Beasts”—Beasts EP (3:54)
7. Marnie—“Alphabet Block”—Strange Words and Weird Wars (4:22)
8. Health and Perturbator—“Body//Prison”—Body//Prison single (2:44)
9. Shana Falana—“Stripped”—Stripped (3:52)

———interlude: nightmares await———
…an ominous feeling wells inside, the dreams become too real…

10. Caspian—“Fire Made Flesh”—Waking Season (7:49)

Part II: I Think I See a Little Terror
The person sleeps restlessly. Their dreams remind them of past failures, half-forgotten sorrows, and lingering regrets. Fears from the past and fears for the future punctuate the night. They try to run between the raindrops; the dreams turn surreal and they wake with a start.

11. Repulsive Woman—“Relief”—Relief (3:37)
12. La Dispute—“Fulton Street I”—Panorama (4:41)
13. Gold—“He Is Not”—Why Aren’t You Laughing? (4:22)
14. Cable Ties—“Sandcastles”—Far Enough (4:18)
15. Press Club—“Separate Houses”—Wasted Energy (4:15)
16. Infinite Void—“Fading Light”—Endless Waves (3:34)
17. Save Ends—“Mr. C’s Amazing Trip”—A Book About Bad Luck (3:24)
18. Major Leagues—“Someone Sometime”—Dream States (4:03)
19. Mermaidens—“Satsuma”—Perfect Body (4:14)

———interlude: nightcap———
They shake themselves off and have a glass of red wine to soothe their nerves.

20. The End of the Ocean—“Desire”—-aire (5:47)

Part III: All These Dreams Were Never Mine
Yawning, the person puts themselves to bed. The night wears on and their dreams become more abstract: feelings not visions. It is hard to shake a sense of loss. So many things have been lost. But a loose sense of hope starts to thread itself into this imagined nocturnal world: this experience is lonely, but it is not singular. The person sleeps more soundly in the hope that other hearts beat with theirs.

21. Suldusk—“Catacombs”—Lunar Falls (4:35)
22. Midas Fall—“Borders”—Wilderness (3:27)
23. Habitants—“Jupiter”—One Self (5:19)
24. Death and the Maiden—“Ooooh Baby in the Chorus”—Wisteria (4:04)
25. Landing—“Second Sight”—Bells in New Towns (5:13)
26. Slowdive—“Sugar for the Pill”—Slowdive (4:31)
27. Beach House—“All Your Yeahs”—Thank Your Lucky Stars (3:48)
28. Purple Pilgrims—“I’m Not Saying”—Purple Pilgrims (4:34)
29. Nadia Reid—“Right on Time”—Preservation (4:23)
30. Erica Freas—“Quinn”—Patient Ones (4:06)

———interlude: the endings that we write———
A memory for when they wake: “you and me, what’s left of the endings that we write? they become the oceans and the sky.”

31. Sleepmakeswaves—“Cascades”—Cascades (5:51)

Part IV: Just Be Where You Are
Morning is approaching. The person feels more reconciled to their predicament. They do not want to live in interesting times, but here they are. They can make do. They can be where they are. Long live the fallen world.

32. Purity Ring—“Stardew”—Womb (4:07)
33. Young Ejecta—“Build a Fire”—Build a Fire (3:48)
34. Bullet Height—“Wild Words”—No Atonement (3:52)
35. Young Galaxy—“Long Live the Fallen World”—Invisible Republic (4:57)

———epilogue: awake?———
Behind me there is yesterday. Tomorrow I will start again.

36. Flyying Colours—“It’s Tomorrow Now”—Mindfullness (3:43)

Total time: 2 hours 36 minutes
Axver wins for doing this well while having the least popular batch of songs and artists in this entire competition. Seriously, great job.
Was it? I don't really recall seeing to much negativity at all. I think we were all quite positive about all the lists, and were just honest when parts didn't resonate.

Considering I won the last one, and I think came in like 2nd and 3rd the two before? lol. In comparison the response, not so good. I didn't mean it any way like, "Oh boo hoo woe is me," just amused.
# 5


83 points
Highest placement - 1st (cobl04, the tourist)
Lowest placement - 12th

LN7 Advanced Stats™:
Acousticness average - 13th
Artist popularity average - 1st
Countries: 4
Danceability average - 9th
Energy average - 1st
Happiness average - 2nd
Loudness average - 4th
Song popularity average - 2nd



A Bunch of Good Songs

1. The Cure - "Catch - 2006 Remaster" - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me - (2:44)
2. R.E.M. - "Fall On Me - 2011 Remaster" - Lifes Rich Pageant (Deluxe Edition) - (2:50)
3. Big Star - "September Gurls" - Radio CIty - (2:48)
4. XTC - "Earn Enough For Us - Remastered 2001" - Skylarking (2:54)
5. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - "Listen To Her Heart" - The Best of Everything - (3:02)
6. Spoon - "Sister Jack" - Gimme Fiction (2015 Remaster) - (3:35)
7. The New Pornographers - "Mass Romantic" - Mass Romantic (Remastered) - (4:04)
8. Blondie - "Hanging On The Telephone" - Parallel Lines - (2:25)
9. Prince - "Starfish and Coffee" - Sing "O" The Times - (2:51)
10. Squeeze - "Up The Junction" - Cool Cats - (3:11)
11. Blur - "Parklife - 2012 Remaster" - Parklife (Special Edition) - (3:05)
12. Arctic Monkeys - "Black Treacle" - Suck It And See - (3:37)
13. Elvis Costello and the Attractions - "Accidents Will Happen" - Armed Forces - (3:01)
14. The Replacements - "Alex Chilton - 2008 Remaster" - Pleased To Meet Me (Expanded Edition) - (3:14)
15. The Clash - "Stay Free - Remastered" - Give 'Em Enough Rope (Remastered) - (3:41)
16. Manic Street Preachers - "Enola/Alone - Remastered Version" - Everything Must Go 10th Anniversary Edition - (4:08)
17. Brian Eno - "Needles In The Camel's Eye - 2004 Digital Remaster" - Here Come The Warm Jets - (3:11)
18. David Bowie - "Ziggy Stardust - 2012 Remaster" - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (2012 Remaster) - (3:14)
19. The Who - "The Seeker - Edit" - Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy - (3:10)
20. The 13th Floor Elevators - "You're Gonna Miss Me (2008 Remastered Original Mono LP Version)" - The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators (2008 Remaster) - (2:27)
21. Buzzcocks - "Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Should'nt've?) - 1996 Remastered Version" - Love Bites - (2:44)
22. The White Stripes - "Fell In Love With A Girl" - White Blood Cells - (1:50)
23. The Dead Milkmen - "Punk Rock Girl" - Beelzebubba - (2:38)
24. Camper Van Beethoven - "Take the Skinheads Bowling" - Telephone Free Landslide Victory - (2:38)
25. Ramones - "Needles and Pins - 2002 Remaster" - Road to Ruin (Expanded 2005 Remaster) - (2:22)
26. The Rolling Stones - "Tumbling Dice" - Exile On Main Street (2010 Re-Mastered) - (3:46)
27. Stevie Wonder - "We Can Work It Out" - Signed, Sealed And Delivered - (3:20)
28. The Beatles - "The Ballad Of John And Yoko - Remastered 2015" - 1 (Remastered) - (2:59)
29. ABBA - "Ring Ring - English Version" - Ring Ring - Deluxe Edition - (3:05)
30. Bruce Springsteen - "Born to Run" - Born To Run - (4:30)

Total Runtime: 92 minutes
This is one of the best lists in the history of DI. I was half expecting it to win the whole thing.
GAF's list kicked ass. Along with Ashley and Tourist, one of the only lists in this competition that really felt like a shelter from everything going on. A lot of fun.
LN7 was higher for a while but his own rankings dropped him at the last second. This is why everyone has to submit a ballot.

I thought his list was really good, I had it in the middle of my rankings.

I’m the classical self critic, I gave myself negative points
# 4


92 points
Highest placement - 1st (namkcuR)
Lowest placement - 11th

LN7 Advanced Stats™:
Acousticness average - 6th
Artist popularity average - 4th
Countries: 7
Danceability average - 13th
Energy average - 8th
Happiness average - 13th
Loudness average - 5th
Song popularity average - 5th



Embrace the Contrast

We’re all an amalgamation of conflicts that we not only learn to live with, but come to accept. My playlist focuses on making peace with my personal contradictions over the last decade. It’s rage and tranquility, hope and frustration, unrequited love and letting go, or as seen in the cover image, the pull of nature and my city life upbringing. These songs have helped with my personal growth, or were there for key moments in my life. I still turn to them often and hope you all find some new favorites as well.

1. The National – “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness” – Sleep Well Beast (3:57)
2. St. Vincent – “Cruel” – Strange Mercy (3:35)
3. PJ Harvey – “The Sky Lit Up” – Is This Desire? (1:53)
4. Mitski – “Townie” - Bury Me At Makeout Creek (3:25)
5. Sharon Van Etten – “Serpents” – Tramp (3:02)
6. Lucy Dacus – “Timefighter” – Historian (5:49)
7. Porcupine Tree – “Mellotron Scratch” – Deadwing (6:57)
8. Angel Olsen – “All Mirrors” – All Mirrors (4:42)
9. Radiohead – “Daydreaming” – A Moon Shaped Pool (6:24)
10. David Bowie – “Blackstar” – Blackstar (9:58)
11. Nine Inch Nails – “Dear World,” – Not The Actual Events (4:07)
12. Savages – “Husbands” – Silence Yourself (2:50)
13. Priests – “Pink White House” – Nothing Feels Natural (4:05)
14. TORRES – “Sprinter” – Sprinter (4:45)
15. Big Thief – “Not” – Two Hands (6:07)
16. Gustavo Santaolalla – “The Last of Us” – The Last of Us (3:04)
17. Opeth – “Isolation Years” – Ghost Reveries (3:51)
18. Porridge Radio – “Lilac” – Every Bad (5:28)
19. The Decemberists – “Rusalka, Rusalka / Wild Rushes” – I’ll Be Your Girl (8:16)
20. R.E.M. – “Discoverer” – Collapse Into Now (3:31)
21. U2 – “A Sort Of Homecoming” – The Unforgettable Fire (5:28)
22. Waxahatchee – “Silver” – Out in the Storm (3:24)
23. Courtney Barnett – “City Looks Pretty” - Tell Me How You Really Feel (4:42)
24. Arcade Fire – “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” – The Suburbs (5:26)
25. Florence + The Machine – “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (5:35)
26. Jenny Lewis – “The Voyager” – The Voyager (3:31)
27. Braids – “Warm Like Summer” – Deep in the Iris (4:24)
28. Astronautalis – “Measure the Globe” – This Is Our Science (2:59)
29. Laura Stevenson – “Living Room, NY” – The Big Freeze (3:23)
30. Julien Baker – “Claws in Your Back” – Turn Out the Lights (4:39)
31. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Push the Sky Away” – Push the Sky Away (4:07)
32. Steven Wilson – “The Raven That Refused to Sing (and Other Stories)” –The Raven That Refused to Sing (and Other Stories) (7:57)

Total runtime: 2:31:21
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