Desert Island XI - Results, Aftermath and Playlist Exchange Thread

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So here's the list we have so far:

The tourist
iron yuppie

It would be nice to get one more person (unless I missed someone) to get this up to 12 participants. Where is Jerry Dunk?
Doing this for every submitted playlist seems like...a lot of work.

Nah, 5-10 minutes tops. I don't listen to multiple lists a day, so it's not a huge commitment. Hardly more than the time I would take trying to figure out what album I want to listen to, honestly.

What if things are not on YouTube?

If there's something that's on Spotify and NOT YouTube, I'd like to hear about it, because it may be the most obscure song of all time.
I would fathom that some very low visibility artists might host on SoundCloud and Spotify but not youtube, but I don’t know.
In addition to the track that's not on Spotify, I think I'm gonna have a track on mine that is on Spotify but not YT...but I think that's only because it's pretty much brand new and it just hasn't had time to make its way to YT yet.
What if things are not on YouTube?

Yeah, actually, I suppose something like the music by your band wouldn't be on there, but again, for myself, this doesn't matter because I have the audio files, so I can just upload them to my YouTube Music. It's only available to me, but that's fine from my point of view, cause I know y'all would never listen to my playlist if I sent it to you via YouTube Music :wink:. (I have already done this, btw.)

I have a lot going on with work right now as we're transitioning back to in-person teaching, so I'm not the best person to run it this time. Anyone who is willing is welcome to take up the mantle.
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