CD-Rom Drive/D drive question

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Mar 28, 2005
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When I got an iPod recently and set it up for my computer, I believe I chose the option for iTunes to be the default player - meaning anytime I put a disc in the drive, it would open in iTunes. Where do I go to change that? I had iTunes on the computer before I owned the iPod but didn't want it as the default at the time.

In my list of programs from my start menu (I have XP), there's an icon near the top for "set program access and defaults." It's a little circle with four different colors. In there, there are several drop down menus where you can set defaults.

I hate how iTunes tries to take over all playback. It makes a lot of my files sound different than they do in other programs. :huh:
You could always right-click on you music file (any'd do), and choose "open with" > "choose program" which then'll bring up a window where you can choose the program you want to open it with (I use winamp with my mp3s), and make sure you click the box at the bottom that says "always use the selected program to open this type of file." That'll make sure whwnever you open up a music file it'll be in a program that you want.
I will try these suggestions over the weekend. What I think happened was my husband put a CD into the drive that he wanted to make a copy of, and I think it went straight to iTunes. Then we were confused about Nero and how to get the songs burned onto a blank CD (iTunes was open at the time). Of course this happened during the course of me being in a rush trying to meet a deadline. So maybe I can see what happens over the weekend...

thanks for the help!
In that case, you need to change the AutoPlay settings back to "prompt" mode or another program. Go to My computer, Right click on the drive and select Properties. Go to the Autoplay tab there and change the settings - i.e. the program to use or whether to prompt for action.
To change the default program for any type of file...

1. Open your Control Panel.

2. Under "Tools", click on "Folder Options..."

3. Select the "File Types" tab.

4. Pick the file extension you want to change, and then hit the "Change..." button to browse for which program you want to use by default.
^I think that's if you always want the same action for a file type.

In her case, sometimes they want to play the CD and sometimes to burn/rip/copy it. Setting autoplay settings to Prompt is the proper approach because it allows the user to select which action to take when the disc is inserted.
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