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War Child
Dec 2, 2003
Hi girls its been a long time from I have been in interference forums and PLEBA fan fic.. personal life got in the way, and from the last time I was here I now have four grandchildren that occupy a lot of my time, plus I had no computer for about 3 years.
What brought me back was that I was sifting through some of my stories on my old comp drive, that I added to my new computer I found some of my U2 ones that I had rewritten.

The first one I think I ever put up on here in the mid 2000 was called, The Little Stranger, like YDW I have also switched the names to my own made up characters, though the story is still inspired by Bono , anyway I was thinking of posting the newer version up here if anyone would be interested in reading it.

I am still editing it and reworking it but I have got up to chapter 7 so far, and would like to get your opinion. Even with the name changes I think you will recognise who the characters are based on Bono and Ali, so if you are interested let me know, and I will try and post it up
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