Caption Thread #17: The boys know they can't dance...yes we know...

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Huge Kudos for the Queen of Photoshop - Galeongirl......:bow:


:bono: Hands off! It's mah beachball Bee-atch!
:adam: Hold the pose, you ARE the WOman! Just remember to keep the fingers off the superglue before I pass the ball to Bono
:larry: Who's f*#king idea was it to dress up anyway?
:edge: I'z got Ass!!!! :hyper:
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gluey! OMG what a disgusting! :ohmy:

you're ingenious, it's really well-made :lmao:

and bono's glasses even match to his dress and shoes! :laugh: :eeklaugh:

Bono: (out of pic) A man will rise, a man will fall...
Larry: Wait for it, Larry. :sigh:
Bono: From the sheer face of love...
Larry: Here it comes... :hyper:
Bono: Like a fly on a *bends* *rip* :ohmy: wall?
Larry: I told you those pants were too tight, didn't I?! :tongue:
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