Album release date?

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I just think it'll come out late 2004 and if it comes out earlier than that, it will just be icing on the cake. Remember, if you don't expect too much, you won't be let down.
If that does indeed turn out to be the release date for the album, I don't think the tour will start in the states.
If it is like last time and about 4 months after the album the tour will start.
Would they tour the states in December or January? :shrug: Maybe if were arenas first then the stadiums for a second or third leg.
So much for Bono getting to talk about our elections each night on tour, it'll be done with before the tour starts.
Reggie Thee Dog said:

An end to your complaining about the tardiness of the new U2 album..... :rolleyes:
aww, it's these moments of poorly aimed bitterness that make my day

or not

of course have a lot of RUMORS that U2 might be preforming in Lisborn for some soccer tornament on Feb 28th
and then festivities in late April/early May in Dublin...

so heres what i think....we will see the album in March, June or September
if theres a march or June release = september/november tour
or even as late as september = early 2005 tour

I can't take it.. I'm not even gonna think about U2 anymore. :sad:

Is anyone else going crazy????

I'm crazy!!!!

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