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Nov 16, 2004
amazing, cant stop listening to this version, just something "magic" about it imo, the way they extend it a little at the end etc

here's what i posted about this song in another thread...

And I honestly thought this version is amazing. Obviously not as good as something like the R&H version (or any from the JT era), but I think it's right up there with the PoPmart version from the Please single (and I love this version).

But the best part is the ending with the little jam session the band has going, especially the Edge just jamming on the guitar (kinda like he does on the instrumental version from the Wyclef Jean Dublin concert a few years back). And I know Bono's voice isn't what it used to be and might be a bit rough for this song, but it's no more young Bono, it's Bono, the man, singing this song, which makes this song sound great in a whole new way. And to hear a stadium full of people singing the "oh oh oh oh" parts at the end is amazing....pure magic....

Sorry for rambling on, but as you can see I just got this cd and can't get enough of this song at the moment....
I agree I thought it would be another b-side live version of WOWY (yawn) but this has something special..
I think u're talking about the second concert of Milan (07/21)

What I can say.........I've had the luck to be in there......an awesome concert and an incredible wowy.

The end of the song was incredible, with Bono that wear a t-shirt of the london underground, in rembember of the victims of 2 weeks before, and with a beautiful extend final part with only the singing of the crowd

something of unforgettable
awesome version

damn listening to this whole bootleg...what a great show. anyone have a guess what that DVD is coming out? I can't wait....The clip of VERTIGO was amazing
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Is Miss Sarajevo from the Communication CD from the same night as WOWY (yes, it's a mighty fine version)? If so, this must have been an amazing show. The first time I heard it, I got all teared up when Bono started singing in Italian (and I've seen it live but to hear it on CD, it just really moved me).
Mirrorballman83 said:
if i'm not wrong......u2communication it's about the night of 21

Miss Sarajevo on u2communication is from July 20th. Bono said something different leading up to the song's performance on July 21.
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