What do you think is the best U2 show available in the best sound quality?

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Dec 6, 2004
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We see threads all the time about what tour we think is the best, what show we think is the best, etc.

But what show that is in circulation amongst traders and bootleggers would you consider to be the best in terms of U2's performance AND in sound quality?

I've heard a few, like the Dublin Lovetown shows, that sound incredible, but I am interested to know what other people think.
The four Dublin Lovetown shows, particularly 1989-12-26. 1989-12-30's marred by some horrible static in Bullet.

1983-06-05 Red Rocks and 1993-08-28 Dublin also have absolutely superb quality. 1987-04-29 is a sensational audience recording of an amazing show (with what I think is the best Exit ever).
28-08-93 Dublin.

Hands down the most enjoyable boot out there.

Although on that description Go Home @ Slane must rank high up there. It's got some really awesome performances.
That it does

I still think the 2 best are 12/31/1989 and Popmart Tel Aviv

The Boston Tapes (Boston 1983)
ZooEuropa (Dublin 1993)
Zooropa Down Under(Sydney 1993
Irving Plaza 2000
Miami 2001 last night of the Elevation Tour was a interesting one to here
i agree with the red rocks and dublin lovetown/zooropa shows also (esp 12/26/89!).
New York 9/28/87 is an absolutely amazing performance, fantastic audience recording (except for some mic adjustments during streets)
Toronto 5/25/2001 - amazing on all counts (ald/audience mix like cleveland).
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