Virgin Islands Gun Control Rant

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Feb 21, 2008
just sitting here on my computer and about 15 gunshots pop off in the distance, as usual. i usually get woken up by distant gunfire (sound travels up the mountain well) at least once a week. i imagine most of this is just some asshole popping off shots in the air to prove how much of a bad motherfucker he is. probably with an illegal gun. it's NOT hard to buy an illegal gun here. it is, however, EXTREMELY difficult to get a legal gun here.

see if you think this is REASONABLE gun control (even for a federal officer such as myself). this is what a person has to do to own a firearm here legally:

1.) go to the police station and apply for a license. 5 types of "colors" of licenses for different things (concealed carry, business, home protection, target shooting, and hunting although i have no idea what you'd hunt here. iguanas? :lol:) along with the application you need a criminal background check, fingerprints, a job letter (to prove im a fed, i guess me showing up in uniform isnt enough :lol:), and a letter stating why i need a firearm. also, this process usually involves the lady in charge of applications harrassing you with snotty things like

-"oh, doesnt homeland security give you a gun? why you need another one?"
-"this is why we have all these problems we do."
-"you dont need a concealed carry license, im only giving you a home protection one"

so IF you get through all that bullshit she sends your application to the commissioner for approval, which takes MONTHS!!!!

2.) IF your license if approved you get a "coupon" which shows you are approved. you can then buy a gun from the 1 store that sells glock handguns ONLY, or if you're bringing a firearm down (which you must report to the police 24 hours within arrival and turn it over to them so they can "hold" it until your application is approved.

3. you take your purchased firearm to the police (or get the one they are "holding") and get it registered.

4. the lady in charge COMES TO YOUR RESIDENCE to see where you will keep it. it must be locked in a secure box. usually accompanied by snotty remarks like #1. now for those of you who dont know, the police deptartment down here isnt the most honest in the world, to say the least. 3 of them just got charged with racketeering, drug trafficking, kidnapping, and other colorfull charges. do i really want these people knowing where exactly my firearms are? theres been stories of peoples guns (and ONLY their guns) being stolen right after they had them "registered" with the police.

5. If you pass all the above steps you finally get your license, which costs about $150 and must be renewed every 3 years (which also requires bringing the gun back down to the station.)

or i could just go to the gas station a buy an ak-47 around back. :shrug:
So why not just arrest the bad guys behind the gas station who are so easily selling the AK-47s? We're all about enforcing the gun laws that are on the books, and not creating new ones, right?

Virgin Islands gun dilemma solved.

Camden, NJ. Now there's a conundrum.
cause the police dont give a fuck and the feds here dont give a fuck either, or are afraid of pissing off the local government.

and it's not just the ONE gas station, there's supposidly several places you can get them, not to mention all the cigarette boats bringing all the guns and drugs in.
a complete federal takeover of all government and law enforcement. fire all local judges, politicians, and police. that will get rid of the local "good ol' boys" mentality. replace them with stateside counterparts that have no ties here. stop all hiring of local federal law enforement.

then quit holding back law enforcement and actually let them do their jobs. more patrols, raids of known drug areas and illegal immigrants, joint operations, more police and fed boats for increased patrols, and actual enforcement of the laws with harsh sentences (unlike the case above.)

people here bitch and moan about all the crime, but if that were the scenario they would be bitching about "outsiders" taking over, so it's really a no win situation. and a federal takeover is only the real solution. it's also very unlikely since the VI are not a high priority area of concern for the US government (as opposed to the us/mexico border right now). maybe if a few more US tourists get knocked off then maybe they'll think about it.
replace them with stateside counterparts that have no ties here. stop all hiring of local federal law enforement.

If there is anything that history has taught us at all, it's that this never works.
Is the VI somehow different than every other nation in history, including other small island nations?

ok then explain how a federal takeover and enforcement wouldnt work in the VI, since the local police are so efficient :lol:
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