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Oct 18, 2001
Seattle, WA, USA
I've got my picutes from Vegas up. Too bad they didn't come out better.


The rest can be found at

Erik Bartlett

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Very nice! as much as I didn't like the seats up there, the pics are really pretty! thx for sharing!

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Larry: It is. But Bono looks great with it.

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There's me in the heart!! LOL.

Actually I cant seem to find me but I know I'm there somewhere on the right by adam with popwhore!

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But there's peace in the sound
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Actually I think those pics are awesome...I haven't seen too many pictures that far away that emcompass so much of the crowd and the stage...thanks Erik!


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Actually it was a new digital camera and it was only the second time using it. Not to mention that I was jumping up and down, which isn't good for picture taking. Thanks for the comments!

Check the link to the other pictures. There's a few more you might see yourself in the heart!

Erik Bartlett

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Checked out the photos. I think I may have found my arms in the flag photo!

Plus, it's a new perspective from a lot of the shots I have seen - it's cool to see the whole stage! Great job.

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Ok.. I just looked at the other pictures too.

Kick ass!!

Sorry I'm getting all excited but I'm in the heart!! And there's lotsss of pics of the heart!

Me and popwhores heads.. hehehheh


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