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Aug 13, 2001
So what do you guys think U2's next album's gonna be like? ... I'm guessing the Zooropa of Achtung Baby, but I might be wrong. Where else can they go?
I think U2 havent done a "rock" album in a while,since The Edge is not very fond of that sound it seems highly unlikely.But I really wish for that one, something like WAR with focussed anger can be justified in year 2002.

Whatever the case maybe,I think we'll have another great album cause the creative engine of u2 is steaming right now.

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I have to think U2 will deliver yet another masterpiece. I too believe the next album should be more rock oriented. If thier albums really do come out in trilogy's, I would argue the next album will be more rock focused.

Also, with Bono's father passing, the album may be much angrier yet with greater introspection than any of us may imagine. The troubles of expressing himself during his mother's death at 18 will no longer be when expressing his father's at 41.

The troubles in Ireland are intensifying and now this only make me feel a more intense and Irish sound is upon us at next bat.
It could seriously be an angry album at times with some real rockin like Exit and closer to a live performance maybe.
They have already been in the studio and have played the new "I Love You" at a concert in Europe recently.
I dunno. I think all the "rock" and "angry" talk is wishful thinking at this point. During the pre-album release hype for ATYCLB Edge and Bono commented on how difficult it was for them to write "rocking" tunes at this point in their lives. "I love you" is definetly in the demo stage and may never be heard from again but it's certainly a mellow tune.

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