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The Fly
Sep 24, 2004
Well I came to the board and this pop-up thing came up and stated that I have a new personal message.
I clicked OK and it got me to this page where it says that I can't read it because I'm not a premium member.
Since today is my birthday I assume it is 'just' an automated birthday wish but is there any way to check that it really is that? Or could someone from the moderating team check it?

This is just my little observation and I'm sorry if it has been discussed somewhere else.

Edit. Of course when I go to my User Panel I saw the title so it really was what I thought it was. I guess my problem is solved then. Feel free to delete this one. I posted before investigating things.
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It would definitely be a Happy Birthday PM, before I was a Premium Member, I had 3 of them in my inbox that I couldn't get to.

Happy Birthday, BTW!! :)
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