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Mar 10, 2005
Long time lurker (18 years!), first time poster here.

I got GA Sphere tickets through the fan pre-sale for my brother for his birthday, thinking I could give him access to my Ticketmaster account, let him download the tixs into his Apple Wallet, and that would be that. But when we tried that, the tixs in his Apple wallet say "Pass disabled - This pass is associated with a different Apple ID". The different Apple ID being mine, of course.

Can I just give him access to my TM account on the day of the concert or will that present any issues along the lines of what we saw with the wallet? Anyone successfully try this out already ? Neither of us lives in Vegas, and in fact he lives across the country. I really don't want him to get all the way to LV with the associated flight and hotel costs and then not be able to get in. Happy birthday! :sad:

Thanks in advance for any thoughts the community might have on this!
I can help. The tix my friend used 10/27 had this happen, and yes, she just logged into my tm account and used the tix directly from there to get in. She didn't have any issues. (I tried first to see if I could "un-associate" my apple id but couldn't figure out how.)
Thank you! That's exactly the info I needed. I was 95% sure it would work, but a little paranoia set in and I was hoping to make sure that someone else had done this before successfully so I'd have a little more confidence in our plan.

I'm glad TM/U2 has the re-sale restrictions in place for GA tickets to discourage scalpers, but it does present some challenges for the legit folks who just want to gift their tickets to someone.

Now just have to make sure my brother doesn't think my Green Day/Smashing Pumpkins tickets are part of the gift (ha)
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