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OK, as promised, here's a preview of Ramblewood, release date TBA but likely within the next month. This track, In The Air, is the opener and extremely indicative of the album's sound, fusing together creepy folk ramblings, Syd Barrett-era Floyd guitar lines and clattering percussion into a weird space-rock epic that nearly cracks 7 minutes:

In The Air_mp3 - DivShare

I will listen to this as soon as I get home from work tomorrow.
In case anyone's interested in checking it out, my new EP titled 'Understand' made it's way to the iTunes store today. (Excited!:D) It started out as a little experiment and project that I wasn't considering seriously releasing until someone helped me realize the songs were quite good. I started out with demos for a rough idea and re-recorded three of the songs in a little over a week this past month. Some of my finest sounding recordings so far. I feel that "Let Go" is the best track of the four.

Link to iTunes U.S. Store: iTunes - Music - Understand - EP by Vincent Magnarella

This should be up on Spotify soon as well if you want to give it a listen there. It's not up there yet.
Made up a bandcamp page for my band, so you guys can access a couple of my records including this, the newest one, the highly psychedelic Ramblewood:

Ramblewood | Disinfectant Trifecta

And, you know, you can always drop in a tip if you enjoy it. :shifty:

It's pretty horrible that I'm only just now listening to this, but um...completely unbiased opinion, this is ridiculously good.
In the Bang and Clatter subforum, there is already a thread for members' bands/music. It's stickied at the top.
Hi, I have some music up here. Three albums are available as free downloads (one of them is also available to buy as a CD), and one is can be downloaded with a purchase of the CD.

New Axial: RIYL prog, 90s warp, metal, shoegaze, musique concrete, Fennesz, Frusciante, early industrial, Harmonia. This is my favorite, but it's not for everyone. Listening back, it's kind of insane.
Hollow Island: RIYL Cocteau Twins, Fennesz, Gorillaz, Berlin Bowie, Harmonia
Klee (the CD): 90s U2, GAS, Fennesz, Slowdive, Verve, MBV, Burial, Sunn O)), dub
1919: 90s U2, dub, NIN, Berlin Bowie, Spacemen 3, GAS

A video for a song from Klee with a coda from 1919:

A bit of surreal agitprop masquerading as a music video. I'm really proud of this one. I like to think it's funny. From "Hollow Island"

A moving picture or a still image? You decide! From "1919"
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