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I like them :) I actually saw them in concert, although the crowd was really bad, so that unfortunately took away from the show a bit - still great music though. :)
On the latest, The Golden Hum, my favorites are probably "Save Me," "Perfect Memory, "Glorious #1," & "Bitter."
The album Villa Elaine is really good too - I like "Hollow," "Hermes Bird," and Gramarye" the best, I think. (it's been a while since I've listened to it actually) :)
A lot of people compare Remy Zero to REM, which I can definitely see in some songs.
Hope that helps. :)
I was at the same show with jkayet, and second her recommendations. If you're going to buy one of their albums, though, or download a full one, I like Villa Elaine better than The Golden Hum. It's a little less polished-sounding. Both are good, though.
A critic compared them to U2 , saying the lead singer could be in a U2 cover band coz his voice sounded so much like Bono's. I don't really see the ressemblance except maybe that he's got a pretty good vocal range. I do like some of their songs, especially "Perfect Memory" and "Save Me"
great band, I really love them. they are often compared to U2 and there is some slight similarity in their sound at times, but mostly I don't think so. Anything off The Golden Hum is great, that is their most recent album, and has the most pop tunes of any of their others. the earlier stuff is good too, but it is a lot less polished, there are a lot of ideas and inspiration, too many I think, that are pulled together on those albums. their sound is really coming together on their latest.
Save Me is prolly their biggest song, it's the theme for the WBs Smallville if you've ever seen that show.
they're a good band though, definitely worth checking out :)
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