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Aug 13, 2009
Hello all! I've always wanted to make sure my daughter saw U2 before they retire....she's 13 and I bought "Red Zone" tickets for the week before Christmas, partly because I wanted to contribute, but also wanted my daughter in a good location to take in the show! I'm going to surprise her! She's known U2 songs since pre-school! So, my question is, how is this location and how do i make sure she gets in early to have great vantage? Thank you...I appreciate any feedback and advice! Cheers and thank you!
Red Zone is located in front of section 103, which I believe is not as far to the side as in the original seating chart. I would describe the location as 45 degrees from center.

Although technically a riser, the Red Zone is about 12 inches above floor level. I’m 6-1 and was about eye level with the stage.

You do not HAVE to stay in the Red Zone. You get a GA wristband and a Red Zone wristband and you are free to go down to the floor if you decide.

There is a separate line for Red Zone ticket holders on the east side of the sphere. It’s easy to recognize bc of the small number of people.

Hope that helps.
Re: Red Zone, I think i recall that they were initially touting that some people may be chosen to have a back stage tour. Has anyone ever had this happen at Sphere?
With my Red zone I hoped to get early GA access but now it seems that it will open up 15min later then GA.

Are in the Red Zone and the GA people vending drinks in the crowd so that you can stay in your spot?
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