REM's bass player rushed to hospital!!!!!!!

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Aug 17, 2003
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February 22, 2005

REM were forced to cancel a UK show on Monday night after bass player Mike Mills was rushed to hospital.

The musician collapsed just an hour before the American rockers were due to go onstage in Sheffield and was immediately taken to the nearest medical centre.

A spokesperson for the group said: "Mike could hardly stand up let alone play."

After arriving at the hospital, Mills complained to doctors he was suffering from severe flu symptoms and loss of balance and after being given a thorough medical examination was diagnosed as suffering from an ear infection.

Mills' illness left 12 000 fans, who had battled through a blizzard to get to the venue, devastated and fearing they would be going home bitterly disappointed.

However, fellow bandmates, singer Michael Stipe and guitarist Peter Buck, came out to explain the situation and treated fans to a short acoustic set of the band's classic hits.

The two musicians performed The One I Love, Leaving New York, I've Been High and Losing My Religion before walking off to rapturous applause.

The concert has now been re-scheduled for June 15, although it is believed Mills should be well enough to play in Glasgow, in Scotland, on Tuesday night.

The group's spokesperson added: "The band feels terrible about having to cancel the show at the last minute. Anyone who has a ticket for the show should hold on to their ticket stub and they will gain entry."
As one who travels long distances for shows, I am fortunate this kind of thing has never happened to me.

:hug: Mike
Hope he gets well soon. He's had his fair share of health problems in the past has Millsy. Suffered appendicitis during the tour for monster if i can recall correctly.

Hope it doesn't propel him to follow in Bill Berry's footsteps.
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