Random Music Talk CXXXI: Interference Finally Gets Its Revenge on Cobbler

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That must have been a cool experience.

An absolute classic. It's never been amongst my favourite hip-hop records and I rarely listen to it, it's so insular, but it might be the tightest rap record ever made. Pretty mindblowing from a young artist with no career prior.
Sublime and No Doubt are playing the Coachella festival.. Pearl Jam released a new album. Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun hit #1 on Billboard’s Rock chart.. in 2024.
Alanis Morrissette is headlining the Pitchfork festival. They used to make fun of her in the 2000s.
Sublime and No Doubt are playing the Coachella festival.. Pearl Jam released a new album. Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun hit #1 on Billboard’s Rock chart.. in 2024.
And my daughter asked to wear my Sublime t-shirt because it's cool. I asked her if it was cool when I wear it and she said "no".
Anyone listen to Fetch the Bolt Cutters still? I've played it a couple times in recent weeks and it holds up incredibly well. I think the p4k 10 review said something like no music has ever sounded like this, and that's true. It feels invigorating, singular, fierce. And the songs are also really, really catchy. So good.
I listen to it all the time, cobbler. Fetch the Bolt Cutters and The Idler Wheel... constantly fight for the #1 spot as my favorite Fiona album. It's great. So many amazing moments. I love the end of Cosmonauts, the humor of Under the Table, the percussion of Relay, the way she sings "ruminations" at the beginning of Ladies, and the fire that is Shameika. 10/10 album for sure.
Anyone check out this Cindy Lee behemoth yet? 2+ hours and 32 tracks? Got one of the highest ratings Pitchfork has given out in quite a while (9.1).
I just learned today that the leader of the band is formerly of the post-punk group Women, who were awesome in their own right.
What was it like?!

I remember briefly being disappointed that Sound of Silver reused songs. Speaking of LCD, I'm finally seeing them live for the first time in a few weeks. I have the douchebaggiest of passes for the below festival, pretty excited.

Can you be a bit more expansive please. What did you think, what did you feel, when you heard 45:33 part three. What did other people at the time think? And then same questions, but when you heard Someone Great for the first time? I cannot hear 45:33 part III and not hear Someone Great.

THat's an awesome lineup.
Interesting to see Joanna Newsom in that line up.
Really hope she'll be releasing something new in the not too distant future.
(Guided by Voices, Dinosaur Jr and Belle & Sebastian on one bill is also pretty great.)
I haven't had time to focus on that album since its release, though I did enjoy it quite a bit more than her previous one (So Many Planets is really bad, though). I had to go back to Big Time Nothing after seeing your post, and you are totally right. The verses are almost straight out of Numb.
The one musician whose work I was not only following by listening to records he wrote and played on, but also by looking at many albums where he worked as a sound engineer. A sonic wizard of abrasiveness and sheer power. Eloquent storyteller as well. RIP.

Excuse me while I weep.

The long-awaited new album from Los Campesinos!, All Hell, is out 19th July, the day after my birthday.

Here’s the artwork.


Here’s the tracklist. Presenting, Romance is Boring 2: Slime Season

The Coin-Op Guillotine
Holy Smoke (2005)
A Psychic Wound
i. Spit; or, a Bite Mark in the Shape of the Sunflower State
Long Throes
Feast of Tongues
The Order of the Seasons
ii. Music for Aerial Toll House
To Hell in a Handjob
Clown Blood/Orpheus’ Bobbing Head
iii. Surfing a Contrail
Adult Acne Stigmata

Here’s the first taste, Feast of Tongues. It’s incredible.

I have a really, really good feeling about this album.
They've let to turn out a stinker, only Hello Sadness came close and that still had like 6-7 bangers on it.

Definitely here for another long album (or one with more tracks, at least).

I had tickets to the LA show which sadly I now can't go to because it conflicts with an overseas trip I had to reschedule. There being a new album makes this even more painful.
I love the self-referential nature of the track titles. A third track in the US state nicknames series. Perhaps Holy Smoke (2005) will be a prelude to 2007, The Year Punk Rock Broke (My Heart), my favourite track from the debut. Embarrassing body stuff. Even the album title, evokes "all's well that ends".

They can't afford to tour Australia so you get absolutely no pity whatsoever from me.

I bought the deluxe limited edition, managed to get it for $80aud including delivery which I'm stoked about.
say what you will about SNL these days but some of the musical guests this season were incredible.

the other videos i wanted to add are blocked in canada apparently but you get the idea.
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I don't watch it but I see a lot of the sketches on my different social media platforms when I'm scrolling and there's been some really funny shit lately. The Beavis and Butthead stuff has been hilarious, and I love Michael Che and Colin Jost's joke-trading.
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