Random Music Talk CXVII: Leaked Emails Show Hillary Likes Both Kanye & Taylor Swift

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Music: I really really love the song Suite: Judy Blue Eyes. I always have.

Holy shit, me too. That song saved the CSNY Greatest Hits CD in The Great CD Purge of 2016. (Although I like the other songs on it, too.)

For those who care (i.e., everyone but GAF), house update:

Only waiting for the appraisal report. It was due Friday, but those fuckers were late. That's the last piece I'm waiting for. Assuming all is well, I'll close on October 11th. ... then go to Maui three days later, and move out the last weekend of the month. The owners asked if they could be there for the final walk-through, so they could show me some things about the house. I thought that was really cool - I just assumed the sellers and buyers never met, like the whole deal was some weird clandestine deal.

Started packing. CDs and books already packed up, which is like half the battle. :lol:
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I still can't really get into The Strokes, but these two songs, apparently both side projects from the band, are both pretty great.

Yeah that first band features Nick Valensi, the Strokes' lead guitarist. But that second band isn't a Strokes side project. Nobody from the Strokes is in that band. They're just on Julian Casablancas' record label.
You're right, though. That CRX song is very cool. The guitar tones are reminiscent of First Impressions of Earth era Strokes. One of my favorite albums ever.
They have a pretty good sound and have been around for a long time. Their new album was produced by Julian Casablancas.

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I lost a post the other day, so I don't recall if I already said this, but I, too, love the new Sting single.
I'm listening to the new Nicolas Jaar at the moment.

I don't know an electronic artist that's as reliable as him in producing consistently good and interesting stuff.
You want to know what album is also very very good?

Hideous Towns' debut.

When it comes out, you fuckers should all listen to it. This is giving me lots of the feels.
I hope so. The closing track, "Natural Expression", is almost making me cry tonight, and I don't cry to music. I mean OK I know the story behind the song but goddamn it just resonates personally anyway.

In fact tonight in general music is giving me all the feels because I'm cranking the new Alcest along with the new Hideous Towns. Goddamn. There isn't much need for me to make the music I hear in my head because Alcest already make it.

(Actually I've been fucking around on my guitar again lately. Watch out for The Provincialists taking over the world some decade near you!)
I only like good-looking music.


Listening to the new Phantogram. Interesting, the dude from Semisonic cowrote all but one of the songs with the band.

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