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I saw Wilco for the second time tonight, and it blew my expectations out of the water. I ended up going on a whim, and got a ticket at about 63% of face value, and it was just outstanding. Amazingly, they hadn't toured here in more than a decade, and I was there when they last performed, at Hamer Hall, and I just found my review of that show...

Just got back from seeing these guys. I'm sad to say that I was a little underwhelmed. It was a terrible venue, an all-seated hall with absolutely zero atmosphere, it felt like a funeral parlour with intermittent cheering. Everyone got up on their feet for the encore, but apart from that I wasn't feeling it.

This show couldn't have been more different. It was at the Forum, which is one of our very best live venues. They opened with Misunderstood, which was a fucking great opener, and it was almost perfect from that point onwards. I was having a bit of a tough day and it just felt like I got to hear so many songs I wanted to hear, which is pretty cool given they change them up quite a bit. Like I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Kamera, I'm Always in Love, Misunderstood. Gotta listen back through to learn some of the other songs I really enjoyed, but Handshake Drugs is great, and Impossible Germany... that fucking five or so minutes from Nels Cline is RIGHT up there in terms of live moments. I'd seen it before, but so fucking good. I absolutely lost my shit when they closed the main set with Shot in the Arm, maybe my favourite Wilco song, I was bouncing around all over the place. What a great band.
For my money they are a top 3 live band. I always enjoy their concerts a great deal. The YHF anniversary show was magic.
A riveting write up of The National Double up @cobl04. Those two nights are settling in my mind as just one single incredible moment with The National. A almost half-century of songs! Genuinely felt privileged to have the experience.

It was also fantastic and a privilege to meet and reflect on the show with you at the Cricketers, some days later.
Liking Elbow's new album, much more guitar driven and up tempo than recent records. Balu, Good Blood Mexico City, and From The River are standouts.
Really impressed with the new Adrianne Lenker album. I hated Vampire Empire in the full band style, but it sounds so much better in the stripped-down, slower-tempo version.
I don't love the new Waxahatchee album on first listen, but holy moly 3 Sisters is amazing. What a great song.

It's not as good as Saint Cloud - that's a really high bar - but I like it quite a bit. I felt like she was able to marry the Americana of Saint Cloud with the rawer sounds of her earlier albums.

I agree that 3 Sisters is brilliant - that melody is so pretty. It feels like a musical follow-up to Lilacs in some ways. I like Bored a lot too, which really made me think of her earlier songs (Under a Rock, maybe). But where Saint Cloud had great songs and melodies in abundance, I felt Tigers Blood was lacking, and the second half of the album lost steam a bit. I did enjoy the profile Pitchfork released of her, and it's nice to see that she's in a much better place than in her earlier music.

Slowdive managed the mixing and sound for this concert footage, and there are a few short interviews mixed in.
Pretty sure I mentioned these guys last year, but the debut album of Daz & the Demons dropped yesterday, very much worth a listen if you like retro, jangly pop-rock.

Aussies will know Daz as the former frontman of Kisschasy.

Available on all the usual platforms:

dazandthedemons - Listen on YouTube, Spotify - Linktree

And my fav track was released as a single a month ago:

This is the previous single, probably the catchier option:

Highly recommend the new Marcus King album. New direction for him, more jazz and ambience than his normal southern blues sound.
I'm really loving the new Vampire Weekend. It's probably their most inventive album yet (kind of Art Pop, really) - even more so than Modern Vampires (though it's probably not as good). Strong AOTY contender as far as I'm concerned.

Hope is a top top song and a worthy successor to Step or Hannah Hunt. Love these guys.
Revisiting The Smile album that came out in January. Bending Hectic feels like a song that could belong on a Radiohead album.
I'm really loving the new Vampire Weekend. It's probably their most inventive album yet (kind of Art Pop, really) - even more so than Modern Vampires (though it's probably not as good). Strong AOTY contender as far as I'm concerned.

Hope is a top top song and a worthy successor to Step or Hannah Hunt. Love these guys.

It's maybe my favourite Vampire Weekend album after one listen, but that's not saying much, I didn't love it and have never loved them. But this records has some really interesting touches. It's quite Animal Collectivey in parts, but not as shit. It's a little more... electronic, watery, lived-in, than I thought it would be. There's some really great sounds and touches with piano and horns and drums and electronics here and there that I really enjoy. This is my favourite song, I fucking absolute adore this track:

Anyone check out this Cindy Lee behemoth yet? 2+ hours and 32 tracks? Got one of the highest ratings Pitchfork has given out in quite a while (9.1).

It's not available to stream on any services but the artist did put it up on YouTube. You can only buy it directly from them via a Pay Pal donation, in .wav format, and it's an honor system. They provide the Mega link to download it.

Here's their website (on Geocities, of all places):


Wish more of our old timers were around to chime in on this one.
The Surfer is one of my favourite songs in years. Fucking masterpiece. The watery soundscape, the downtempo drums, the Echoes-esque piano, the warped piano, Ezra Koenig's rhyming scheme and memorable lyrics, the Beatles-esque chorus, the haunting strings, the horns...
I am SO hyped for this. New Cassandra Jenkins record, My Light, My Destroyer, out 12th July.


  1. Devotion
  2. Clams Casino
  3. Delphinium Blue
  4. Shatner’s Theme
  5. Aurora, IL
  6. Betelgeuse
  7. Omakase
  8. Music??
  9. Petco
  10. Attente Téléphonique
  11. Tape and Tissue
  12. Only One
  13. Hayley
First track, Only One, is gorgeous.

I can't imagine there'll be a song on it better than Hard Drive, but it will probably still be the AOTY.
Cobbler, I came here to post about it and to say that I thought you were going to love Only One. Strong Kaputt vibes.

Give me more of this. This, from the notes on her website, made me laugh:

Hailey Benton Gates, who jokingly suggested the title for album’s meditative coda “Hayley” when Jenkins didn’t come up with a follow-up to An Overview’s “Hailey.”
Holy shit, this Cindy Lee album is so good.

I wonder what LM thinks of it - so many psych pop 60s influences all over it.
I listened to it today while taking the train overlooking Queensbridge Houses.
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