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did he tell you to
No, I made sure I turned my head horizontally only, but hell, if I had that opportunity again, I'd probably look down because I'm in my 40's and don't give a shit anymore.
New album from The Smile tomorrow. Probably the closest thing we'll get to another new Radiohead album.
New album from The Smile tomorrow. Probably the closest thing we'll get to another new Radiohead album.

I enjoyed my first pass through it this morning. Both of their albums have been great, hopefully we actually get a tour date in Utah this year.
On first listen I think I liked it more than the previous record, which I found a touch impenetrable. Seems to have a bit more variety. Friend of a Friend is lovely and Bending Hectic is, well, hectic. Also kind of stunning to hear Thom so clearly on track. I was actually a bit taken aback!
They are playing in the Roman amphitheatre of Arena in Pula in June. Which I am very much looking forward to see. I would have preferred seeing Radiohead there, but one should not complain.

I'm not the biggest fan of this project, but this new album has some standout tracks that should sound pretty good live, such as Bending Hectic.
It's a decent song. I'm a rocker, so I would prefer something more up-tempo. I know he's 74, but his voice sounds different. Not bad. Just different.
I'm thinking about covering "Sundown" by Gordon Lightfoot in a heavy metal arrangement.
Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs' Fast Car performance at the Grammys was very lovely, I don't know much about Tracy Chapman but it seems like that's one of her very few public performances ever?

And I just watched Joni do Both Sides Now and I wept.

How the FUCK can you write a song like that at the age of fucking 21, a song so beautiful, and simple, and seemingly filled with the wisdom of a life long lived, and then fucking perform it at 80 as if you knew all along?
I'm amazed they even have the money to come back to the USA, considering they all have day jobs now. Australia and potentially NZ seem like a bridge too far at this point, tbh, in terms of what they would stand to make vs the expenses of getting there and all that. Maybe a festival willing to fly them out is the only option.
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