Poor production of POP

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Pistol Pete

May 3, 2005
Galway Ireland
Don't get me wrong I think POP is a good album but the production on Gone, Please Mofo is just nowhere near as good as their live versions. The 747 guitar sustain in Mofo followed by the clean delay sequence in the middle of the popmart live version is personally my favourite piece of edge playing. If this was recreated in the album version it would be simply amazing.

I think Gone is one of u2's best songs live especially with the strong edge backing vocals. Again the album version nowhere near as good.

I heard edge in an i/view admitting that there were some wrong decisions taken in the final cut of the record, but I find it hard to believe that someone as shrewd as the edge himself would settle for what was actually released.

Anyone feeling my pain on this one?

I agree with you that the mastering is not that great on POP. There's not enough sheen and high end sparkle. Having said that, I love the album versions of Mofo and Gone more than the live versions. The sonic character of Gone on POP is defined by Edge's whammy work, which is missing in the live version.
I disagree, Ive been listnening to POP these last couple of days with headphones, and everytime I am more and more impressed with the production, and the mixing and mastering. It blows me away how they can do that, it is brilliant how they pan the sounds to come in left and right, sounds never heard before. I think Pop and The Unforgettable Fire are very similar with production and mixing and mastering, both are truly brilliant albums!
you gotta remember that they were in a big rush releasing the album and scheduling the tour, and i don't think any of the guys are completely satisfied with the album production.

that being said, i love the album version of Gone! the piano is really good and SO edge!
They have however re-mixed some of the songs on POP and put them on the best of 1990-2000 compilation.
And also they did different versions on the singles too.

Gone (New Mix)
Staring at the sun (New Mix)
Discotheque (New Mix)
If God Will Send His Angels (Single Mix)
Please (Single mix)
Last Night On Earth (Single Mix)

That means more than half of the "album" was re-mixed, or at least changed compared to the original mix.
Yeah, the new mix of Gone is really good. It just has that aggressive tone to it. The song is obviously meant to be aggressive or else why would edge be kicking his guitar around!
(Live in Boston).

I thought the album version of Staring at the Sun was excellent
While I'm on the subject of Gone what is the next two chords after the E chord from the start of the song i think its D but can't get the next one? for "when you find that feeling won't just go away"
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