PGP:we're hanging with penguins while waiting for U2 to show up!

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All the best flybabe :heart::heart:

Just started snowing here and a good chance to see northern lights if cloudcover is over :love:
Happy Autumn, Ms Purrl. :wave:
Loved your Beatles story! :D My friends brother drove us to Shea Stdm.

As far as the Northern Lights go - i'd probably feel like drooping down on my knees!
Both my parents saw them! My mom and her family were out on the apt building's rooftop at night in the summer heat 1930ish. All of a sudden (and there was definitely less electric light then) they started seeing red and green glowing shapes in part of the sky. And then they got the full on "curtains" of light! It was a rare Really Major spate of sunspots that would affect the magnetic field so far south!
My dad saw them in the late 60's while he was visiting regional lighting sales people in Seattle!

JJ this is especially for you! :D
Yo MsP.... been a long time. You ok? :wave:

Wow, talk about a blast from the past! How are you, girl? I'm doing well. I've been retired for 9 years and am pretty much doing what I want to. Just now seeing your message because my son and I went to Florida to go to Universal Orlando mainly to see the Harry Potter stuff--very well done! Also did a day at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Glad to get home to my guy and our three kitties. What have you been up to? Are you still writing? :love:
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