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Hi, dazz! We had quite a bit of snow in February, too, including a 15-inch one a couple of weeks ago. It has all melted now (except for the big dirty piles in parking lots--my mother used to say it was hanging around waiting for more). I got my first covid jab on February 4 and will get my second on March 8. MrPurrl got his first one yesterday and will get his second on April 1. I am SO looking forward to the days that my family members are all vaccinated and we can get together again. I have a sister and a brother in the same town I live in, and haven't seen them for a year now. :sad: Got to see our other sister in October, a dolphin's length apart on the beach on Sanibel Island, Florida. And I got to see my son a week ago when he brought some groceries over for us. Still didn't get to hug him, though. This has definitely been a rough year. Sure hope you are doing well! :hug:
Icefishing daily :D:D also, tomorrows dinner :drool::drool::drool:

Spring is here, bears are waking up! Turned around and walked the other way, don´t want to run into just woken and hungry bear :lol::lol:

That looks like some big feet!!

Glad you got your shot, dazz. I've had both of mine and am looking forward to seeing family members, hopefully early in May! :heart:

:hug: Congrats, Ms Purrl !
Hoping you'll have a wonderful get together!

I just got shot 2 (Pfizer) yesterday!
A little more pressure, and a bit of an ache that went right away.
This time I used Arnica cream and night when I woke up (anti inflammatory)
While my 1st shot the ache (only on lifting arm) went up to a 3 for 1/2 a day-
I haven't gone past a 1 this time.

I'm at 34 hours past shot. No other effects.

May 14th will be my (semi) Liberation Day! :love:
:wave: :wave:

Happy Juuust About Summer.

Hope JJ, and Ms Purrl you are well!
And anyone else happening to drop by. :up:

Hopefully this week I'll finally get back to my old
big park for Green Therapy!
And this time I can take my mask off (!!!) unlike last Sept - the last time I went.

My neighborhood is mostly Latinx black and white, some African Americans, a few white folks (like me). They've been saying a fair amount of African Americans, and Latinxs in
(maybe) lower income areas aren't yet vaccinated so I keep my masks on.

We also have to keep our masks on in Public Transit. Fine by me. :up:

I finally got to a really good shoppong area for the
first time in fifteen months! :ohmy: :hyper: :love: :heart: :lol:

Blick (art supplies), Best Buy (new, better ear buds), Michaels (jewelry supplies), Trader Joe's (extra good, and fun prepared and single item foods).
A successful return to part normalcy. :) Yay!
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Sounds like good days, dazz. We are doing well--even went to a Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner one night. It felt kinda weird! A cousin from Virginia and her life partner were in town for a few days, "camping" (in their travel trailer) at a nearby state park. Spent some time with them at the campgrounds for campfire in the evening (nice!) and a couple of meals out. I sure hope things continue to get better! So good to hear from you!
Ms Purrl
So glad to hear you're having some dinners out now! :hyper:

Getting to visit your cousins, and having a campfire! :love:
Haven't been at a campfire in many decades.

I am looking forward to hopefully seeing fireflies when I visit my sister this weekend! She lives right near a park, and saw her first one Sunday night! :love:
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People are snowboarding up north, midsummer and photo was taken at midnight :lol:

Gorgeous! :heart:

JJ, I forgot...

Do you get the Midnight Sun, or does it just dip below the horizon?
(Conversely means total darkness at some point in winter, or the sun just skimming the horizon?)

Remember it's a total facination for some of
us in the closer to mid latitudes!

Have you been near to the Equator - where the sun sets nearer 5pm-ish maybe changes around only ? 45 min
+/- through the whole year! :ohmy:
Just goes below horizon here where I live but bright nights for few weeks in summer and total blackout in winter :D
Have you been near to the Equator - where the sun sets nearer 5pm-ish maybe changes around only ? 45 min
+/- through the whole year! :ohmy:

Not been in Equator but was in Antarctica around Vertigo tour, took a cruise from Ushuaia Argentina. Damn what waves on way there but loved the penguins but God they smell horrible........ old fat to protect them so smells like 2 months old butter left in the sun.... :lol::lol:
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