Past comes to haunt me

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Nov 10, 2000
I wrote this just a few minutes ago. I'm missing someone alot and I had to get this out of me.

I remember there was a time
When I was the object
Of your affection
You waited to be with me
Love, acceptance, passion
Its what I wanted from you
How did I go wrong
What was the reason
For things turning different?
Some say honesty is good
But it kills any relationship
Perhaps I had too much to say
Should have kept my big mouth shut
Its a turn off they say
You penetrated my heart
I loved you like no other
Thoughts of you consumed my being
They were all of you
Day, Night...
I couldnt sleep
Love? Lust? Fantasy?
I can't be sure
All I know is what my heart tells me
Always in the back of my mind
How can I forget you?
Please tell me how to let go
Things will never be the same
My life forever changed
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