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Jun 8, 2001
Tempe, AZ, USA now has details of the Notre Dame webcast...

U2.COM will carry U2's first show from the final leg of Elevation 2001 live online next week.

In partnership with Tiscali and Real Networks, U2.Com is offering fans a unique ringside seat for the bands critically acclaimed show - live from Notre Dame, Indiana, on the night of October 10th.

So get comfortable and enjoy the show, with views from all over the stage - including a pioneering 360-degree camera delivering you to 'the heart' of the Elevation live experience.

The webcast is free to all registered members of Not registered yet ? You need to be by Sunday night. Sign up now!

If you're in Europe and you can't stay awake into the small hours, we'll be hosting a second free broadcast - for European fans - at 9pm (CET) on October 11th.

U2.Com registered members can also watch the show free for up to seven days after the live webcast. This on-demand stream will give you the chance to enjoy the show when you want.

We'll also be be bringing you backstage chat, fan reaction and other exclusives direct from Elevation Tour 2001.

And if you want to learn more about the unique BROADBAND experience of seeing U2 Live, visit the special U2 webcast microsite
more details about the webcast. The multiple camera angles feature sounds cool. What I don't like is that we have to pay $19.99 to subscribe with RealNetworks GoldPass in order to get the backstage interviews, on-demand broadband feed and other exclusive features.

RealNetworks and Tiscali to webcast live, free concert
from Notre Dame, the legendary home of "The Fighting
Irish," on Wednesday, October 10, at 9 p.m. (EST).

U2, RealNetworks and Tiscali (a leading pan-European
Internet communications company) today announced
plans to webcast an upcoming U2 concert on
on Wednesday, October 10, at 9 p.m. (EST). The show
will mark the start of the third leg of U2's Elevation 2001
Tour. The band has already performed more than 100
shows to more than two million fans around the globe
this year. The live webcast is available to fans worldwide
free of charge.

"In a time when the entire world has been saddened by
the recent events in New York City and Washington, DC,
U2, RealNetworks and Tiscali all felt that offering U2's
concert free to the public was the right thing to do," stated
Erik Flannigan, vice president ofMusic Services for
RealNetworks. "At the same time, by offering exclusive
aspects of the concert--such as the 360-degree spin cam,
back-stage interviews and on-demand broadband
feeds--to our established 400,000 GoldPass subscribers,
we are laying the groundwork for the great and exclusive
content that RealOne members will be able to expect,
when our RealOne Service is launched to the public later
this fall... and GoldPass members are transitioned to
RealOne members."

On the night of the webcast, RealNetworks will bring the
concert to U.S. fans online via and European listeners will be able to access
the concert live at 3:00 AM (CET) on Thursday, October 11
through the homepage of the Tiscali webcast hub located
at Tiscali will then officially
re-broadcast the concert for a European audience the
following day at 9:00 p.m. (CET) at each of its fifteen
European portal sites.

The live webcast will offer viewing with multiple
cameras--four of which will be focused on each member of
the--allowing users to personalize their online experience
by selecting which camera they choose to view at any
given time.

RealNetworks' GoldPass and European subscribers to
Tiscali's services will be able to "go backstage" and enjoy
an unforgettable live experience through an interactive
360-degree spin cam, while also gaining access to "making
of" footage of the concert, and backstage interviews with
the band and crew.

For twenty-one days following the event, RealNetworks
and Tiscali will offer on-demand, exclusive viewing of
broadband coverage of the concert, as well as interviews
with U2 band members, to RealNetworks' GoldPass
members. Real Broadcast Network (RBN), RealNetworks'
Content Delivery Network division, is responsible for the
production, management, and delivery of the live U2
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