NFL Thread IV

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Baker just did his best Tom Brady impression.

4th quarter played out almost exactly the same as Monday night.

Monday TB scores with 3:00 left and again with 3 seconds left to win 17-16
Thursday Rams score with 3:19 left and again with10 seconds left to also win 17-16.
Commanders/Giants having the same quality of teams as Steelers/Panthers seems like an insult until you remember how unwatchable our last meeting was.
Woah. I’ve seen some questionable end of game calls with pass interference in the end zone… that was clear as day and they didn’t call it.
Calling Terry McLaurin being an inch off the LOS but won't call a defender putting Curtis Samuel in a sleeper hold. Sure, great.
Yeah that was absurd, too, but the line of scrimmage thing is an absurdity of the game. It is way too technical-but-not-enforced. This creates a “you never call that” type situation (because it’s totally not measurable without a real life of scrimmage).
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