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Coming off an intense smashmouth game against the Bills and on a short week on the road, with Tua not 100% and maybe not playing, I might actually be more impressed if they beat the Bengals than the Bills.
This has very little to do with Tua. The question is whether or not Brady has finally run out of gas. TBD.

Understood. But my point is about perception. TB is essentially the co-favorite to win the NFC with GB currently (after what we saw Sunday) in betting circles. Tom Brady is the primary reason for that. Will he perform at a high level as the season progresses and in the playoffs? TBD obviously. But my point is if he is the QB of your Dolphins, they are at worst top 3 betting favorite to win the whole shebang. Doesn't mean it would happen, but his presence on that team, loaded as it now is, elevates them in the public eye.
I don't expect the Dolphins in the Super Bowl (though the Bengals doing it last year gives me a little bit of a hope). If I bet money, I'd pick KC or Buffalo, but the Dolphins entered the conversation and now I would not be completely shocked anymore. They're fun, gritty, etc. Chargers should overcome their current slump, Bengals might as well. Ravens should be around. The AFC is just going to be crazy.

Miami will be getting Byron Jones back in the secondary in Week 5. He'll improve an already solid defense. The Dolphins OL is hurting though, but that's been a thing for years. They were down to some third stringers against Buffalo. Austin Jackson has been a big loss for Miami there, but he'll be back as well soon.

As for the NFC - who has any idea what is going on there.
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OK, so TB is currently the 3rd, 4th or 5th choice to win the Superb Owl on most sites (Bills and Chiefs are 1, 2 and then Eagles Pack and Bucs are a mix of 3-5 depending on the site). Dolphins slot in 8th most places (behind Rams and Ravens). You don't think based on that info that the Dolphins wouldn't be higher on that list if Brady were their QB? Come on, you're a gambler, you know if Brady was throwing to Hill and Waddle that Miami team would be higher on the list than Tampa with Tua or Blaine Gabbert as well as Philly and Baltimore and the Rams. They'd be no worse than 3rd or 4th.

The Lakers and Nets were early season favorites to win the NBA title last year.
Eagles look legit but might be peaking at the wrong time. Bucs and Packers look to have Championship defenses.

Eagles have a pretty favorable schedule too.
Biggest road tests appear to be at AZ and at Indy (plus at DAL is iate Dec so Dak should be back)
Home tests are Tenn and GB.
Could easily get the bye if they continue playing like the first 3 weeks. Big if of course.

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The Packers will probably be fine. They have the talent to be great. Just need a D coordinator that actually utilizes that talent appropriately because there have been some head scratching decisions so far this year, like not putting Jaire 1 on 1 with Jefferson, or playing way off the ball on 3rd and 13 yesterday when you have one of the best secondaries in the league.

Also, I bet both the Packers, Hackett, and Davante Adams wish they could have a do over of the off season based on how things are working out for all parties so far.
I’m just enjoying the Giants ride for now. I don’t quite think it’s real but I’ll take the illusion over what we’ve had the last few years. The Packers L(OL) is icing on the cake.
By no means do I think the Giants, Jets, Eagles, or any of the other surprise teams are legitimate threats to the teams playing right now, at least on paper.

But hey - the NFC is kinda garbage right now with no clear cut favorite so who knows.

I have to imagine the Rams will pull it together eventually and take the conference but they've been kinda meh thus far.

Like you said - time to just enjoy the ride and the quasi relevance, as opposed to taking a knee on 2nd and 3rd downs in the 3rf quarter.
Weird that Green Bay loses 2 in a row and people get so happy about it. I get that Rodgers is unlikable but I always thought the franchise as a whole was generally well liked. Must just be because we've had a lot of winning the last 30 years.

Oh well, I was ready to move on from Rodgers last year. In no way do I think Jordan Love is even close to better but he would probably run the offense. Instead the Packers are in this weird position where they're playing to cater to a HOF QB when instead they should be pounding the run with Jones and Dillon. All of these 3 and outs are wearing down a talented defense too. Probably the worst job of coaching to the talent you have that I've ever seen.
it's rodgers.

his turn from pleasant enough guy to complete tool was quick. it's like the vaccine thing allowed him to just strip away the corporate façade and be the douche he always wanted to be.

Oh yeah I see that. I bought a jersey this weekend because I was drunk and at Lambeau for a wedding on Friday, and my fiance asked me if I wanted to get a Rodgers one and my answer was "hell no".
Anecdotal for me as well, but I'm so tired of hearing about Rodgers' greatness from the pundits that seeing him lose, especially to an underdog, is welcome. Same goes for Brady.
If Jordan Love ends up being a Hall of Famer and neither denies vaccines or steals welfare money, that'll be incredible. Extra bonus if he talks to his family and doesn't send dick pics.
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