NFL Thread IV

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i wonder what i'll do if i suddenly work for the company that owns two hated rivals of teams i root for

Dude just dropped the ball too, wasn't stripped or anything.

just fucking muffed it

i had a 5 team parlay going...

Vikings -3
Bengals -7
Jaguars ML
Lions ML
Falcons ML

If he just goes down when he sees San Diego closing on him it's Falcons ball somewhere around the 40 with 34 seconds to go. not a guarantee that they score, of course... but fuck give me a fighting chance. all you need is a field goal
Buffalo has played in two of the best / exciting games I’ve seen in less than a year.

KC game and now MN
Oh my God FUCK the Eagles

Weak ass team got run over like a division III team playing Georgia

17-0 my ass

I've been drinking sorry
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Really not digging this whole drafting Cooper Kupp in all 3 of my fantasy leages this year.
Ha Zach Wilson is terrible. I want him to be good, but he just isn’t.
Watching college football rn but football thought popped up in my mind. We need to do away with the intentional self inflicted flags. I really don’t want to hear “it’s strategy” to break the rules. Intentional delay of game on a punt should have some mitigating rule like you’re not allowed to punt afterwards if you do it.
Kudos to the NFL. There are so many good uniforms now. The Jets and Washington are fantastic.
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