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The Fly
Apr 2, 2005
By the Chattanooga City limit speed sign
Hi y'all, I like this forum already.
I'm 35 :ohmy: and besides U2 I'm into soul/gospelmusic. I work with customs service and study musicology as well.

The past 9 months I've been a total U2-maniac :D buying all their albums I didn't have before, DVDs and the whole lot. Two weeks ago I was at Ullevi in Gothenburgh for my very first U2 concert, it was awesome! I also saw them outside the hotel and I got the Edge's signature :happy:

Can anybody please tell me where in this forum can I find a thread about the rumour/news about the dvd compilation that includes "Zoo TV Live from Sydney"? :confused: I have searched here and there.... Thanks a lot!
Hello from England!


Well done for getting the autograph - though I expect it has turned you into an even bigger U2 maniac than before!:hyper:
Hello and welcome from Finland!:wave: You could try and find out about the compelation from the *Still haven't found what you're looking for* forum. I went to U2 in Copenhagen back in July and met Bono and Edge outside their hotel. Check out my threads on Pleba for photos! :wink:
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