What's next for Interference?

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Seriously, someone do it.

Precede it with Rate the Album, like how we'd do Album Survivors to seed Song Survivors? No need to seed anything in the rate series, but could be good just in and of itself.

Late to the party here, since I’ve suggested doing it a few times.

I think it’s a great idea, but I’ve been too slammed to realistically do it... I haven’t been even checking Interference daily, which is weird, because it’s been a habit for the last decade or so.

I like the idea of running Survivor and starting with album. A good way to gauge interest.

Things are calming down so I might be cajoled into doing this... let me get past Christmas and decide for sure.

Merry Christmas, to everyone who celebrates it.
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I rarely post here at all anymore, and check the site pretty infrequently for the last several years, but I would still hate to see it fold. I have spent a lot of time here off and on for most of my adult life, it would be strange for it to go. I am not sure where I would go for album/ tour rumors.

If there is something to do to help it survive, I am in.
So, no consolidation? Too bad, think it would help.

While i wasn't close enough at all to the stage this tour- 360 seems to me had a good amount of twenty+ yr olds up by the outer rail (where i was).

I'll be here as i can to keep things going.

Moonlight? You never got to see them live? :(

Us plebans besides going on about the band were a very supportive community in general- cheering on the good fortunes when they happened and being there when times were rocky, and really sad - for each other.
Oh, yeah, and we talked about their music, too. :D

Wishing you all a safe, healthy, happy, properous, creative and fun New Year 2019!
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Next for me is other concerts with bands that i love like Alice in Chains, Muse, The Cure, System of a down, Greta Van Fleet.... life goes on. U2 Will come back and still kick ass like they always do. Always be the best band in my life.
Not normal to associate Reddit with "nice", let alone "so nice".

pretty much all I've ever heard that it's mostly populated by very right wing people and trump supporters. (often the same thing)

I rarely get go to other concerts than U2 ($ issues) bu I listen to a university station so I still get to hear a lot of new, alt and indie music. :love:
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