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Yeah, they've been demonstrably wrong about a few things, but they have also correctly reported other things months before they were announced (most recently I'm pretty sure they talked about the band working on a new single with Larry recording, then a few weeks later 'Atomic City' was announced). So they're by no means infallible, but not exactly making everything up either.

It's also no secret that the band changes things up at the last moment - from getting close to releasing an album (remember the rooftop photo shoot and listening party with Adele in 2013?) to shooting music videos they never use (GOYOW in Mexico, or a video involving fireworks the week before SoI was announced), and I remember press reporting a 'Kiss The Future' tour dates before 360 was announced. Wouldn't shock me if at least some of the stuff u2songs has reported on that never came to pass was actually the plan at some point.
Yeah, they were right about a lot of things with Bono’s book (that it was happening, chapter titles, release dates) , that SOS was a thing, once November wasn’t happening they correctly called 17 March, SOE they knew the cover before they put it up on the JT tour, they knew the 2016 release was pushed before anyone else.

I’m not saying they are perfect, but they do clearly have sources, and they are working with a band that notoriously change their minds frequently. Apparently they tried to pull out of the Apple thing at the last minute and were told it was too late.
After all those push backs and shelving material it will suprising if they turn up with a new album before the end of the year. I'm not pessimistic but realistic. But maybe I'm wrong....
I don't think it is either. I think it's a song Bono really likes and they threw it in at the end of the show.

I hope that Larry is feeling healthy and ready to go. It would also mean the potential for new material is pretty good. Until Edge needs to rework every song with a violin.....really see how the song works on a different kind of stringed instrument
I've been in a hell of a U2 nostalgia mood lately, since I went to the Sphere on Saturday. Hoping the 2024 stuff is true. I'm revisiting SOI and SOE this afternoon, and there are some real gems there. Would be happy to just get a few like that.
I am very curious what they’ll attempt with their next traveling production, especially since stadiums would require a free-standing apparatus.
I feel cautiously optimistic about 2025, barring any negative Lawrence news. They are going to want to capitalize on the positive attention and relatively pent-up worldwide demand in the wake of the Sphere shows.

Also, they should’ve played 40 Ft Man in front of a giant David Letterman on the screen, who slowly leans down and we’re transported through the gap in his teeth to fantastical illustrations of Ireland.
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