Need a review from behind the stage

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The Fly
Nov 19, 2004
Cape Cod, MA
I assume nobody sat behind the stage for the dress rehersal so looking for kind SD soul to help with a detailed review of tonight's show. 15% of tix sold for this tour will be watching from the back and have concerns of giant screens or speaker stacks blocking the view and/or missing great visuals. any honest review would be appreaicted. (Try to trade them to be in front or OK to hold them? ) ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE!
I have seats behind the stage too. I also had the same concerns but I'm hearing rumors that they have a "360" stage, so everyone should be able to see. I'm sure you'll be able to see fine, if they sold seats in the back then the should of at least said we'd have a bad view. I guess we'll find out after tonight's performance!
The view is good and bad........
If you're at a lower level (maybe 100 section) behind the stage,
then that's your best bet.....
The next higher up (200 section) will end up "cutting out" a little
more from your view......
But if you're at the top levels (300 or 400 sections) then your view will be alot more difficult seeing the performance, because of
video screens and other stage equipment and obstacles that are
in the way........

And now, there's a mention in the stage notes from the news article (More Reports From Saturday's
Dress Rehearsal) that there's a weird bead "curtain-of-lights"
backdrop that is used occasionally. Which means that
"occasionally" you're gonna be "screwed, blued, and tattooed" from seeing the concert in the seats behind the stage, (no matter
what section you're in) because of that backdrop.. :sad:
Why must U2 always block the fans view when they're behind
the stage??? Yes, it's true... behind the stage seats are closer to the stage than the seats at the other end of the arena, but at
least, fans at the other end can see the concert from the "front" or "full-view" and the video screens do not "interfere" with their view. Fans who are behind the stage get "short-changed" when it comes to actually seeing the "front" or "full-view" of the concert, which isn't always fair and now they have to deal with this backdrop as well...... :madspit:

Really want to hear an actual Behind the Stage review from last night, c'mon guys anyone out there that can give us an idea of how bad/good it was??
id like to hear lower bowl caddycorner to the stage about 20rows back in Houston.
Go to, groups, atu2 and check out the pics from various vantage points at last nights show. Rear stage look pretty good!
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