NBA 2023-24 Thread

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my wife left for a work conference in atlantic city early that morning. when she landed in philly she was hanging out with some other work people all waiting for the shuttle bus, and she texted me that they just told her kobe had died in a helicopter crash. i was so sure at first that her co-workers were just screwing around with her because how the hell could that possibly be true?
fun stat: Jokic's fewest games played in a season is higher than Embiid's most. Only Jokic and Hield have played 69+ games in each of the last 7 seasons.
i like how bob meyers, who was just hired by the owner of the 76ers to consult on his shitty football team, would take embiid over jokic in a hypothetical game 7 matchup.

dude's never gotten out of the second round, and last year couldn't dominate old al and time lord.

it's sad - because embiid is as skilled as they come. but he has never kept himself in shape, and he just wears out. it shows in the regular season when he always has to miss time, and then in the playoffs - where there's no avoiding the grind? he just wears down.
Lotta Laker talk!

They beat the best record in the NBA on Thursday without their two best players.

Tonight they beat the third best record in the Eastern Conference with them.

And they're barely above .500.

Jordan Poole tonight: 0 points, 6 fouls. Wizards have got to be happy having that contract on the books.
i have absolutely no idea what the Toronto Raptors are doing.
Limited sample size, but Evan Mobley has been hitting threes since his return. If he keeps that up at a respectable clip, Cleveland will be dangerous.
until they shoot themselves out of a series...

there are three legit contenders in the east right now... Boston, New York and Cleveland. Boston is the favorite, there's no doubt about that.

Philly has too many question marks with Embiid - and that's not even taking his injury into account. guy crashes and burns in the playoffs too often to not include them in the "need to see it to believe it" category.

Milwaukee... give me a break with them. they really think the corpse of pat bev is the missing piece? as long as they continue to roll out lilard, beasley and middleton - neither one of whom can defend a soul - then they're not serious contenders.
your crazy stat of the day

New Orleans has the best point differential of these six teams (Suns, Mavs, Pelicans, Kings, Lakers, Warriors), still has 15 home games left and has withstood multiple injury absences. Amazingly, the Pels have done this even though their most common five-man unit (Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, Herb Jones, CJ McCollum and Jonas Valančiūnas) has been outscored on the season. At times, it seems they’re better when half the team is missing.

so their most commonly used five have a negative point differential... yet the Pels have the highest point differential (4.3) of the teams bunched up at 5 through 10 in the West. that... that's weird.

it's about time for the home stretch... hey, tankathon... who are the 10 teams with the hardest remaining schedule?

1. Phoenix (uh oh)
2. San Antonio
3. Milwaukee (uh oh again)
4. Utah
5. Charlotte
6. Portland
7. Clippers
8. Sacramento
9. Philadelphia
10. Lakers

and the easiest?

30. Orlando
29. Brooklyn
28. Boston
27. Miami
26. Memphis
25. Golden State
24. Oklahoma City
23. Denver
22. Toronto
21. Dallas

certainly bodes will for OKC & Denver at the top of the West... Golden State at the bottom... and Boston at the top of the east (like they need any more help) and the two Florida teams at the bottom.

speaking of the bottom.... woo hoo the wizards have a harder schedule than Detroit! we're number 30! we're number 30!
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