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I think Fournier is your bigger question mark. He could really make a difference, or he could completely blow shit up depending on how he performs.

He's a good player - but he's also a free agent at year's end. So is he going to just try and fit in or is he going to try to pad his stats?

From what I've seen of the Celtics the absolute last thing you guys need is more individual play.
Only when its really a more serious injury but the team isn't letting on about its true nature. (See Davis, Anthony LAL out 2 months with a "Calf strain" for another such example)
This Brooklyn team really has the feel of the Clippers last year: assuming their raw talent is enough for a title even if the main guys hardly ever play together during the regular season.
Ahhhh I'm not so sure about that.

First, I think it's unfair to sell the Clippers short based on how last year ended. I think it's unfair to sell ANY team short, just as it's proven that it's equally unfair to assume that performance in the bubble will carry over to this year (see Heat, Miami).

The talent level that Brooklyn has is also significantly higher than LA - even when you're only speaking about the top talent. Kawhi? Sure. He's d legitimate top 10 player. #PlayoffP is not.

If healthy, KD and Harden are top 5, and Kyrie is arguably top 10 as well. Definitely top 10 offensively. It's a different beast.

The Clippers had (and have) enough talent to win a title. But it was never a given.

Brooklyn will win the title if everyone is healthy. The health is a big if. I don't know if they will be. But if KD is at 90% for the playoffs? Yea you're not stopping them - much like you weren't stopping Golden State if KD were healthy.

But it's obviously a huge if based on his history.
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gary trent junior

Toronto sports scene these days is littered with 2nd generation athletes.
Blue jays have Vlad Jr., Bo Bichette and Cavan Biggio, they really need to swing a trade for Tatis Jr. to round out the lineup.
Leafs have William Nylander.
And the Raptors with Trent Jr. and Greta Van Fleet's son Fred.
Brutal season for injuries. Jamal Murray might have torn his ACL tonight. I really grew to respect Murray in the bubble last year. There were a few games where he went nuclear and looked like one of the best scorers in the world.
Shame for him and the Nuggets.

and Team Canada's chances in the olympics this summer - this was shaping up to be the best canada basketball team in a very long time, maybe ever. they probably still will be the best modern team canada, but obviously this is a massive blow. i was really looking forward to the potential of this group, they of course weren't likely to beat the americans but there was still a decent shot at a medal.

oh well, obviously the man's health is the most important thing here. hopefully he is healthy and back to form very soon. he's a ton of fun to watch on the court regardless of the jersey.

PS: this thread is over 1000 posts, let's see how far we can get it before diemen notices. :shh:
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