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Jun 5, 2001
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hmm, the topic doesn't make much sense, but i didn't know how to sum it up in a couple words. anyway, while perusing the forum today, i noticed two forums have similar descriptions:

Where The Album Has A Name
Questions, rumours, discussions about the new album. Add your comments, reviews, lyric interpretations here!

It's A Musical Journey
Discussion of song lyrics and interpretations. Check out the U2 Lyrics Archives for the most comprehensive set of U2 lyrics on the 'net

i noticed that both forums have info talking about lyric interpretations. i just wanted to point it out to you guys just in case one was added before the other (i don't really remember when new forums came to light really, and both might've been here before i was a member) and you accidentally included that in both descriptions.
Where The Album Has A Name
anything about the last album (ATYCLB)

It's A Musical Journey
about the lyrics on any album

I guess lyric interpretations could be scrapped from the description of the "Where The Album Has A Name"-forum
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